Village people

Wouldn`t it be nice if the village people done something else than just walk about.

Why not lead them to one of your buildings that is being worked on to speed the work up on that building.
Or at least have some fun, its winter time in our fortress make them have a snowball fight or something, or at least lets see some of them slip over in the snow.

Instead of hunting ducks with tapping your finger on the ducks, throw snowballs at them.

Make it more fun devs plse.

They sing


Dammit! You beat me to it!

I did make this though…


You sir/ lady just made my day

Why? MCA


The villager should do SOMETHING instead of randomly walking from 1 place to another. at least make them BRING something like bring Iron from mine to iron storage, food from farm to the barn, bring iron to the forge, or food to the training ground. something like that.

SG ahould be adding women and children to the villagers. Why is this not being talked about?!

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When you realise that houses produce recruits and windmills produce meat, you’ll understand why this is never ever talked about…


There are a couple of villagers that do more: Aife and Derric.

Yeah they are constantly getting eaten alive. But actually they are not doing that it just happens to them.

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