VILLAGE concerns

I’ve noticed throughout the past 3 updates that our villages still remain basically the same.

  1. No females
  2. No other shops/bars
  3. No animals
  4. Men don’t seem to be wearing shirts???

Other games have these things above in their village but this one seems to be on the lower end. It’s great we have snow but why not shirts?
Not even a wild turkey running around???

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There’s good reason for the lack of activity, may I kindly refer you to this thread:

  1. we aren’t savages, we don’t eat women and children
  2. no need if we’re eating people, they ain’t going to shop or drink if they’re consumed
  3. reason why we’re eating people
  4. why provide clothing when well ya know what happens by now :wink:

Perhaps the zombies that appeared at Halloween did indeed eat all the women and animals.

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At the beginning I thought about a radioactive radiation :skull_and_crossbones::nauseated_face::skull_and_crossbones:
Seriously, the missing shirts, hairs and women are bothering me for a long time. Maybe they could add miniature figures of viv, rich, elena etc. instead of those cannibals :smile:

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