Viewing my Alliance

Hi All,
I was wondering if I can view myself/my heroes, is there a way - that I dont know about - to actually see my entire Alliance beyond the Top 100.
Thank you for your input.

To view your self, you can click Heroes, Edit Team, swipe right to view all three teams (the one with the Defense Badge is you to the world).

To view your alliance mates, click Alliance and click each team member in turn.

Only the top 100 alliances are listed on the Leaderboard (click Alliances, Alliance, Leaderboard to view).

You can use the search function (Alliances, Alliance, type in name), and compare your alliance score against #100 of the Leaderboard for an idea how much more you need to go to place on the board.

Best of luck!

Using the method Rook just explained, you can see the defense team of any of your allies and some basic info. You cannot see all their heroes, though. In my alliance, we often will show a particular team to our allies by temporarily setting it up as the defense team. That’s a good way to help suggest winning setups for titans, etc.

Understood. And thank you!

Will do! Thank you so much.

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