Viewing a war attack


Can there be some way to actually watch your allies attack? (I know it cant actually). Would still be nice.

Even if just seeing the healthbar of the enemies drop as hits are made in real time.

Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress - Please add your comments and ideas here!

Currently it doesn’t seem to be done client-side, most of the issue is people can be using a war flag and disconnect at the end before results are submitted. This triggers the use of their flag and heroes - but since the disconnect occurred damage dealt isn’t saved.

It really wouldn’t work to link a viewer to another players device, so this type of request would require them to change not only their coding but the infrastructure of their servers… And probably require hardware upgrades on top of that.

AW Spectator Mode

Yep - pretty much exactly. It would be cool, but just not possible given how the game works. A server tracking every move of every battle would take a lot of power. Having each battle take place on each individual device, then sending results one time to the server is way more lightweight. Changing it would be a huge and expensive change.

Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress - Please add your comments and ideas here!

The simpler to implement option (compared to watching in real-time) would be to watch the fight after it’s finished.

Edit: And it might be dangerous allowing watching it in real time. One would ask the other alliance members on Line “what do I do now?” :slight_smile:


I agree that this is probably impossible, but nevertheless it is a phenomenal idea and I’d love to see a way this could work.

This concept is so powerful and it probably could generate income. Incorporate mandatory ad watching and arrange some game streaming partnership and watch the money pile up!


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