View raid defences


I’d like to be able to see how my teams perform when defending raids. Right now, I don’t know why they are winning (or losing) - I can only guess. If I could watch a replay of each raid then I would know what is working and what isn’t, and maybe rearrange my team accordingly.


I think If u’re raids with another players u can be able to observe how it works in your team. I think this is to much change and unnecessary load, but this only my opinion.


I like this feature as well. They have it in Clash of Clans where you can replay the last 3-5 battles vs you so you get an idea of how someone played against you. It is also helpful in getting tips on how to attack and defend.


I saw a suggestion that Alliance members be allowed to run “practice” raids on each other without it impacting their trophies or resources. I think that would also allow me to try out different combinations of Heroes without the negative impact that is often a result of trying new things in Raids. :relaxed: