(Video) Why Merlin is the Raid King - Exhibit A

Shoutout to @Anchor, I learned how to record and upload videos from his tutorial, and look forward to being smashed in the revenge raid. :grin:


Merlin is right up there with Grimm on raid attack for me. Hard for me to bench him.

Now on raid defense… I can’t seem to feel ok putting him in there. I just can’t trust the AI.

Nice to see this… I have him and NEVER used him… first time was now for the event, doubling purple against yellow reflect

AI on Merlin isn’t terrible for defense, but still makes mistakes admittedly if there isn’t a full mana hero to easily target.

Can be somewhat manipulated with smart gameplay as a result.

First I thought Merlin maybe a bit of boring but now it’s the opposite…like him and use him a lot😆

Merlin took my game to the next level! My favorite since i got him, leveled him and understood how critical he was in raids and vs. bosses

Nice work! Merlin is incredible on offense!

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