(Video) Unsolicited Advice w/ Avicious - Super Bowl Edition Added!



Today I began a new video series titled, “Unsolicited Advice”, where I offer you tips about your setup, without being asked, and watching you make a fool out of me :slight_smile:

Link to article: http://7ddgaming.com/2018/01/27/unsolicited-advice-w-avicious-episode-1/



“robocop” is pronounced “golovorez” by the way.
(I can read it, but I do not know the meaning of the word, unfortunately. )


Oh wow! Awesome! Thanks @AnjaValkyrie!


I love this new format haha!

Just what raiding needs, a chilled out and playfull approach. Showing people that winning or loosing, neither is the end of the world!


Thanks @Fledoble! :sun_with_face:


Did anyone revenge me and record it by any chance?


That was a fun video. I got raided yesterday from a member of one of your alliances and kept hoping they recorded it, lol.


Awesome @D2z! Do you remember who it was? Some of them do record videos


It was Swoosh. I am certain I got slaughtered, lol.


Головорез = cutthroat


thank you!!
20 characters …


Episode 2 is now available!

Link to article: http://7ddgaming.com/2018/02/02/unsolicited-advice-episode-2/


thanks for all this videos (you and 7DD), they are very interesting and pleasant to watch.
Good job.