Video: See Onatel in Action

  1. See Onatel on Raid DEFENSE and how she drains mana
  1. Onatel on MAP
  1. Onatel on Raid OFFENSE

a) Versus Kashhrek tank flanked by mana stopper Proteus (see how Onatel bypass Proteus specials)

b) Versus Victor tank (the battle of the suckers)

c) Versus ARES tank


If she is the only hero alive, you SHOULDN’T be using your blue tiles with her special up… You are wasting your mana gain while charging her… You lost because you didn’t fight her the right way…

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That’s intentional. I never targetting her since the beginning, i want her to keep casting all her specials so we can see how her specials works, the mana sucking ability and the damage she produces

But if it’s intentional to lose what’s the point to prove how strong she is ?

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We wanna see her power and mana sucking ability on the raid DEFENSE. Later I will upload the video of her on the OFFENSE raids and on the MAP, so people who have onatel (or have intention to get her in this January as the HOTM) can decide whether she is good or not to be chased or to be maxed among any other 5* yellow.

For me personally, I love her. Wait for maps and offense raid video, I’ll upload soon

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I am afraid the video doesn’t show how good or bad she is at all… Same video ending with wasting any color but blue tiles while her special is up, then ghosting some blues and killing her with specials would make her special look useless (which I am not saying it is). Losing on purpose doesn’t make an opposite hero good at all nor shows what a hero is capable of…

Very interesting. I have to wonder if Onatel gaining mana from her skill while under Proteus’s effect is a bug or a feature. It certainly makes Onatel a powerful counter to Hel.


@Rigs at least thinks it’s a bug, and has good logic

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I don’t think it’s a bug. She still can’t gain from the normal way, only due to her special. I feel that is fair due to it being her special.

Thanks for your videos, Onatel sucks :slight_smile:

I have her and she’s on tier 2/30 already and 3 day’s ago I get another Onatel so I have 2 of them and I saw in video she’s tank can’t be down so easy and about the special she’s dam good for stills mana but as a weapon is modest.

I appreciate you taking your time do record this, but no sane person would ghost tiles under Onatel’s debuff unless it’s already a won raid anyway, so that example doesn’t really showcase her defensive strength. Throwing tiles into a hero is what would happen more often, if anything.

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Just ask, what do you think about her damage? Can you compare with another character just to have 1 idea because I have her actually I have twice from 4 summons 2 was Onatel. Tks

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Just looking at the numbers i would expect she would hit a little harder then Toth.

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And it’s not similar to perseus stopping victor from stealing healing?

Still waiting to see logic why those 2 special skills should differ.

And honestly proteus and hel special skills both plainly say “can’t gain mana”. Stealing mana is gaining mana, correct?


You’d have an easier time if you color stacked.

This is where mine is at. I fkn love her. She was a beast in the Event. I love using her to raid. I dont see how one could come to the conclusion she sucks. Prolly not being used right.

Thanks for uploading the videos! Ive been looking for more to see how others use her.

The pic below is what I usually run agains purple tanks/heavy purple teams. Only lost 1 of 8 raids using this set up. (I raid 3500tp+ only)


anyone have video of her against a titan wonder how that works out

I will soon. Downloaded a screen recorer today. Next purple titan i will record.