Video Review Thread?

Lately I have been posting in the 4,500+ Team Power thread, but I’m increasingly realizing that what I really want is a critique of my play. I’m wondering if others feel the same way. If so, it’d be fun to get a small group going to post videos (possibly with specific questions) here and watch and analyze those of others.

Tagging those who I’ve seen post videos in the aforementioned thread, sorry if I miss anyone. @anc1ent1, @Bruno82, @Saicheeze, @ffphier, @yelnats_24, @Quinn3, @Olmor, @ThePirateKing, @BlackFR, @King_Nothing


Additional tags due to limit of 10 per post:

@Gregor.Jax, @Okasan, @ERROR4, @JLB_ep, and @Rohn for making the thread. @Ender_BattleSchool, based on your responses you’re clearly watching a lot of them - you want in?


Sorry, not going to do video reviews / coaching outside my alliance in such a setup. It would just be too much.


I agree with 30 people with varying degrees of rosters most of us are really busy working with our alliance mates to prepare for war. Nice to see other peoples vids,especially when new heroes are released but the amount of teamwork required for wars, it is detrimental to showcase everything.


My raidstyle is probably more aggressive and less effective than others on here. I actually have a ton of success but I wouldn’t recommend my playstyle to others

if that is what you want do it, there are plenty of people on here that will give feedback from time to time…all in all there will probably almost always be a response. There is also the YOUTUBE thread that @Rigs started, if you do not want to start a new one.


Maybe a
‘share your raid defeats’
thread, since lost battles offer better possibilities to learn imo.

Where, when or what were biggest mistakes, which heroes would have been better and/or were there missed opportunities to win?

Work the board questions aren’t very purposeful due to the rng of following tiles, but sometimes one missed a chance for a diamond or made a weak 4 match, which creates an additional bad tile.

All in all I appreciate the idea of helping by video analysis and I like to watch other teams and play styles to learn from.


I think if you post the vids @IvyTheTerrible

You’ll get some responses that have the time to critique

Just post em and mention that’s what you would like to hear

Those that dont have time will watch and not leave feedback

Those that have time will watch and leave feedback

Go for it, nothin to lose


I really really reeaaallly need to make more time for that thread

To watch, record, and provide feedback if i have any

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Hi, first create your activities videos with best best content of your niche or whatever you want to do. But remember video content should be relating to audience consequences they will continue keep it up your videos.

It’s a nice idea but mighy be better suited to a discord/line group. It did get me thinking, maybe it would benefit the community more if it was videos posted with commentary of our playstyles which might find its way to those ftp/c2p/p2p players interested in different successful strategies.

What I’ve read in comments over the varying video topics is there is a wide range of opinions of what someone perceives is ‘good play’/strategy. I realised it doesn’t matter if we don’t like mono/3:2/heros/tile movements etc but the fact these posters are consistent in thier playstyle to have above average success regardless of their paywall.

I would find it hard to comment on a p2p video as I have no offensive raid experience with 95% of the non classic heros being ftp myself but for example I could provide ftp content with why my tile play is what it is and how to compete against all rosters based on those restrictions if there was an interest for it.

Anyway I really enjoy watching everyone’s vids and putting yourselves out there as you have to handle a range of comments good and bad. Keep it up

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