Video of WuKong hit on Titan?


Does anyone who has WuKong have a video of a good WuKong hit on a Titan?

Thanks in advance for sharing!


Finally shuffling over to the Wu Kong camp, are you now? :wink:


@Xero786 has one. Although, his strategy involves far more than Wu-Kong


I still don’t have WuKong. Someone asked me about this. :wink:


I notice two patterns in the challenge event leaderboard: you need WuKong in the intermediate, and you need Athena in advanced.sure, he can lead to complete disaster, or he can create a dominating victory. Try often enough and you’ll get one of the latter.


Surely there are folk who play without Wu or Athena?


Play, yes. Win? No.

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Well I just got Wu Kong again. I guess I need to hunt for orbs AGAIN. I need 2 more to level Jackal to tier 4 and I also need 4 more for Joon to tier 4 eventually. And then there’s Owl. I need like 20 orbs.


I’d forget Owl for now. Joon WuKong and Jackal all are better.


Yeah that’s what I’ve been told. Glad I didn’t waste orbs on him. Maybe he’ll get a buff.


Anyone else with Video of a WuKong hit?

If not I’ll consider this thread answered and close it. Thanks Avicious!