Video of someone summoning a legend


Is there any vid on YouTube or something of someone summoning a legend?


Ive seen photographs here on the Forum. I don’t think I’ve seen a video.


My guy pulled a legend today

I’m jealous


I don’t have a video, but i got this today with 300 gems elemental summon.

Edit: my hands still shaking,omg…


Congrats!!! I know many who want Joon! :wink:


Pretty sure today is dark elementals so idk


Each person’s elemental summon color is on a different schedule, depending when they started.


Thanks. Can’t believe it still.

Aw someone jelly. If it will make you feel better, it will take a while to max him, as of now I only got 1 orb,lmao.

Thanks for clarification, now i know.


Sorry if it made it sound like I’m jealous, I am but I’m not mad or anything

Congrats on your Joon


Congrats koko, you just won E&P


It is, in a sense. at least at RNG part. a legend and 3 epics in 11 summons in my entire E&P life.