[VIDEO] Not possible to raid Vs a Top player (2nd) while he is online


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It is never possible to raid against a Player that is online nor Players with different update Version of the game.


so then you have to wait until he is offline…


This rule was never different…so do you claim a bug or want to change current rules? If second better post this under “ideas and Features”. Not able to attack an online enemy is definitely not a bug.


Nope you are wrong…
Only thing I can think of is that the other person updated and you did not (or the other way around off course)


That is what I am saying :wink:
My reply was to Sorsha…


I have the same issue, I was raided while online (I was at 62nd place I think) and the guy who raided me is at 92nd now. Guess what? I can’t revenge. No mention of different app versions in his profile.


My feedback is above. If you think this is a bug, please submit a request for SG support here (look for the blue link at the bottom of the FAQ page):