(Video) Morlovia - Very Hard


FWIW, I found Morlovia’s bosses to be rather meek and mild when I shoved Jackal and Joon up their noses.

Still, they took out 2 of my heroes before they succumbed.


A team of strong 70s (either 4 or 5 stars) should be able to finish all of Morlovia just fine.

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I completed this stage using just 1 4* and 4 3*s (Maxed)

Team: Bane, Hu Tao(lvl 3 unmaxed), Kailani, ,brienne, Hawkmoon

Finished it in the first try. I lined up gems before the final boss fight and made sure brienne’s special was set up.

Voila! Final bosses melted like butter!

Edit: All of my heroes survived! Spirit link to the rescue!

Items Used : Small mana,health potions miracle scroll and bomb attack (didn’t use the miracle scroll)

This lineup is risky. Tread at your own discretion.


Here is an old Morlovia video I made (before I had Wu-Kong) if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

Do you still find Morlovia “very hard”? :wink:

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I think it’s one of the more difficult ones


Even with a 3700+ team, the dual vamps at the end of the last stage still bring some risk into the mix if not careful - I can auto play the rest. They hit HARD and charge mana FAST.

A 3050 team (the ‘recommended’ power per the quest) may be fine for the mob levels but the wrong mix of team/items with 3050 power likely will get smoked by the dual vamps.


a 3050 team is between a team with 1 70 and 4 60s and 2 70s and 3 60s (3035 and 3150 respectively). I’ve taken down rare quest final stages with teams that were 4x60s (my sons’ account before they ascended some folks). It will be hard, but you’ll probably only get smoked if you have a bunch of Kasshreks and the like.

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What items would you take, Dante? If you were 4x60? :wink:

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It was more a tale of caution, not possibility of beating it, reflecting the sentiment of @Avicious . I beat it the first time through with an 2800 team power team, that was sketchy as hell and consumed a miracle scroll and had 4 of 5 dead and the survivor on life support, and even at 3700 I take care when I get to that dual vamp level. The other rare quests are a cake walk with a 3700 team.


WuKong is definietly the key.

I went to final battle with all heroes full mana… honestly one of the vamps didn’t even shoot the special.
I shot all specials then wukong’s… shot bombs at them to weaken damage taken… used bear banner to increase my damage (1 of each) and the first boss died on the first tile strike. The second one then fired his special and died right after that. My final round had 4 turns only.
I had Wukong and Sabina on max level, and Natalya, Magni and Alberich on 3/70.

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How times change…This is the second time I do this mission…The first time (back in December or so) I was totally annihilated, didn’t have the right team, had no clue how to approach it or what items to take…This time around I played all levels in auto, save for the last one. I used a few green and red viles, one axe and lost my second hero just before the last boss slept with the fishies… :slight_smile:

I started saving some vids so I can go back and compare and share in the future. I used to tell my kids they were lame for watching game plays on youtube, now I’m just as “lame” as they are…Hahaha…

Thanks for sharing…

This was my team…These missions aside from raids are the best thing in the game for me…


depends on team, but generically 5 arrows, 5 bombs/axes, 10 small mana, either 1 miracle scroll or 5 axes/bombs whichever you didn’t bring, or 10 potent healing potions. Assuming we’re not talking high level forge for timestop/tornado type stuff

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Isn’t miracle scroll a Forge Level 20?

I think you can assume most people have randomly picked up a Miracle Scroll through their adventures. Hopefully they save it for these very occasions. :slight_smile:

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I’ve got 9 and no craft 20…used a few in the early months too.

+1 even my son’s who play sporadically have 7 miracle scrolls. They get dropped in loot here and there.

If you didn’t have one of those, then if you had multiple healers more mana pots, or if not then largest heal pots you have.

@Avicious I like your video(s), and that you more or less laugh about it and take it easy to have to use gems to continue after everybody was dead.
I came with lianna 3/50, panther 3/50 kiril 4/60 colen 4/40 und wu kong 3/50 and had to pay the same 75 to get this royal tabard.
Your videos help me to get better in my playing :upside_down_face:


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Didn’t find it too much of a chore. Team was Melandor, Boldtusk, Boril, Chao and Li Xiu (Thinking back I should have used Wu Kong, but normally don’t because I don’t want to miss my debuffing specials… but weren’t using those heroes this time. Doh.)

Only reason I lost a hero (Melandor) was that I wasn’t bothered to spend the healing potion to keep him topped up after a hit, and he was hit again. Outside of that, just kept Boril charged up and LHS guy killed himself on him in only a couple of specials. Only reason the RHS guy lasted longer was because he spent all his time going after my Melandor, which wasn’t reflecting.

Love Boril for these encounters. So satisfying. :grin: Didn’t even bother to use the Meteors I brought along. After all, why weaken their attack when you’re going to reflect it back at 'em? :smiling_imp:

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