Video Costume Krampus on offense and making a case for some 2021 HotM

I have not seen much videos on costume krampus on offense so here is my contribution.

Also making a case for Uraeus, Malicna, and Bertila whome some people consider not so good.

to make it more interesting i am doing rainbow raids.

there are alot of situations that show you the value of each of these heros.


  1. costume krampus is a decent counter to minion and fiend heros because they trigger attack up.

  2. that first dodge of krampus on liannna :wink:

  3. Bertila adds quite some value because of the prevalance of defense down in defenses.

  4. Malicna in my point of view is just pure awesome hero that directly can decide games.

  5. these HotM will get better in 2022 because
    a) 2 additional minion to all summoners that will push out any fiends applied together with krampus
    b) mana elemental link to all heros from malicna
    b) 30% crit added to yellow, green and purple tiles ontop of krampus attack up will amp up damage.