(Video) Avicious vs Rook!



In a battle of veterans, Avicious takes on the beloved Moderator, @Rook, in a duel to the death!

Link to article: http://7ddgaming.com/2018/02/01/avicious-vs-rook/


It’s Alien vs Predator! No matter who wins, we all lose!


:grin: :grin: :grin:

Was the ending ever in doubt?

EDIT: Great video! I don’t have a good video program, but I will Revenge. I fully expect to lose to you again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After seeing these videos it makes me wonder why I can’t find people I recognize. I’m in the right trophy range. I would love to record and show you how your defense did. If you find me please give it a shot and I’ll record one back :slight_smile:


Oh, well played both of you! Some good tips too, as always.