Video Ad, & Gem Usage

New player here, lvl ~11. I’ve heard how rare 5* heroes are to come by. Well, I watched the free 30-sec ad and wound up with a gold Epic Hero token. Used it, drew Khagan (5*). I feel really fortunate/lucky based on posts from people playing for months w/o a 4 or 5*… is my circumstance usual or rare?

2nd, I save all diamonds and now have over 500. Should I use an elemental or epic hero summon? 1x or 10x? Thanks,


First got lucky second elemental I would suggest

You got very lucky. It happens, but it’s unusual. Bear in mind: Khagan is going to be of limited use to you for a long time. Levelling him will be slow and ascending him will be impossible until you have collected a lot of rare materials. Still a good get, mind, but if you’re a beginner then a 3* would be of more immediate use.

They’re your gems, but if I were you and I needed more 3* heroes then I would use those gems on an elemental summons, expecting to get a 3* in a colour you need. You might get lucky again and collect a 4* or 5*, but probably not.

And if you don’t need any 3* heroes, then don’t waste your gems on summonses.


Congrats!! Personally I’d save up for a 10x pull.
If you can wait that long

Congratulations on your 5*!

Brobb is right, it will take you awhile to get the ascension items to max it; keep collecting 3* and 4* in the meantime.

And welcome to the game! :slight_smile:

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You got very lucky twice:

  1. Epic hero tokens are quite rare. I might get 3-4 in a month.
  2. Getting 5* from an epic hero draw is about a 3-4% likelihood.

I never use Epic Summons, only Elemental or Event. Odds are better of getting something good, and you can fill in the weak color of your choice (Elemental) or try for one of the limited-release event heroes.

FWIW the April event should be Avalon, with four really top-notch heroes (King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot) and one pretty good one (Morgan le Fay).

OTOH I like the current Hero of the Month, Delilah, much more than the April HotM, Aeron. So I’d use that token this month.


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