(Video) 7dd DESTROYS 10* Kraken in 21 minutes

@Anchor and company did it with only 20 members


Wow this is crazy dudes. You don’t joke with titans in your Alliance huh !

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i was like BS. the title should say flasked. Clickbait much. but good job

Lol, nados are just broken.

Haters gonna hate…

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yup. We used all ththe legitimate in game tools available to us.

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Some of our alliance say that it looks like you are using pc emulator to get that amounts of damage, are not you?

I’d like to know who told you that you get an advantage using an emulator. I’d much rather play on a phone than a PC. You lose a ton of dexterity…

There is no point to get it personal;)

I agree! Dilly dilly!

The luck you have on these flags is out of this world, Id give you my phone to do me some titan flag.

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Avicious, can I slip you my phone on the down low?

checks the rules

RATS! :grin:

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Lol, I wasnt part of that awesome kill. I just posted the video :wink:


There’s obviously no way to kill a 10* Titan without a flask. We only had 20 members attack and probably could have done it with only using one flask. But no one used over two flasks on the Titan.

But I appreciate the input


No pc emulator lol. All recorded from my iPhone. I’m not sure if that would give anyone a tactical advantage but I can assure you that no one uses an emulator in general.


Wow! Amazing! You guys and gals rock!


Outstanding!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Amazing Job 7dd. I find the idea of creating your own challenge great !

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I mean who didn’t assume they were using a flask or two? I sure did.

It’s amazing though - you guys should try and beat that record with your full 30 - could you do it in 15? Or less?

Thanks for the continued posting of content!


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