Victory war

My alliance has just won the war, but the score has remained unchanged.

Which score you mean? War chest? Some screenshots should be fine.

I guess he is reffering to the alliance war score :wink:

Exactly but we don’t have screenshots…

Nobody left an alliance?

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Either this, or maybe you had a member who didn’t use any flags? I’ve been told that any member who doesn’t use flags in two consecutive wars is automatically opted out, which would subtract their team power from your total war score.

Also, it’s possible that it just hasn’t updated yet. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the proper numbers to show up (I’ve had this happen on my war chest count; usually logging off and logging back in a few minutes later fixes it).

the same thing happened in this war … place the screenshots “before” and “after”

I see different numbers. As somebody said here wait a while till those numbers go through actualization

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