Victory Rush recruit or we are ready to merge

Hey guys we are a new clan in town, we need more people to full the clan or we are ready to merge with some other,
if you have spot for 10 players we would happy to join you.
let me know
at the moment we are killing titan 9/10 stars

Check out Loki’s Warriors. We’re killing 10s with ease and 11s when inspired. We’re a chill group, no drama, and a good mix of OS specialists and cleaners for when the boards dont play nice.

Drop by for a chat to see if we can make it work!

Hi Red85ch,
We are HamNation. We have recently been through some attrition and are looking for new members/ a merger. We can accomodate all 10 of you. We have been going for 4-5 years and have a strong nucleus of dedicated players. We have successfully merged once previously with a similar number of players coming across to us, with a number of them still here.
Please let us know if you’re interested and we can look to arrange something . Our Leader Bub does that side of things.
We are a friendly and helpful bunch and only really have two rules, hit titans and use all war flags if you have opted in. We give everyone plenty of chance to stick to the rules, but we also get rid of people who consistently fail to participate.
That’s it.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

thank you guys for answering i’m talking with the other co leader and i ll let you know :slight_smile:


last titan we’ve been active 15 members, and this morning we hit the war in 14,
are you guys writing in english ? i don’t think so everyone will follow me, i’ll let you know.


Hi, if you want check Revival of the Phoenix, we have room for 13 players…core members have been together few years, and all members at the moment have been with us at least a year… simple rules, but they need to be followed :slight_smile:

Hi, @Red85ch

We have 22 members currently.

We welcome a merger too.

We are currently dropping Titan level from 12* downwards, as we realised we having difficulty with killing a 12*.

We used to have about 26 members, but a few left us, either due to work commitment, or some have been playing for a few years and would like to take a break from the game for a while.

Do drop by to take a look and hope we can work out something.

Even if it is half of your Alliance joins another Alliance and the other half joins us.

We are open for discussion.

You can find me in LINE for a chat too.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Hi @Red85ch,

Darknes Shines communicates in English. Is it good with your Alliance?

Our rules are simple.

Hit Titan.

Use all War Flags. If there is unused War flags, we expect some communication to let us know what happened. Some of members missed using War flags due to running a nightlift business, due to taking care of sick family members, etc… We are understanding. NO YELLOW card will be shown.

However, I personally hate it when there is no communication and the member simply wants to hide hnder the radar and keep quiet. This will definitely warrant a YELLOW card from me.


We have a family alliances that would love to have you! Stonghold My Beer - You can line Bo-33 and be apart of the Phoenix Empire Family!

everyone thank you for answering, we merge with hamnation.

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