Victory count on the wrong mission

The Guest Platinum Mission to win the avatar does not leave 4 more than I won. It is locked.

Are you in platinum arena? it’s required to get the wins in there.

Yes!!! and as much as I win, it does not leave 4 since Saturday. And I loved this avatar. I Need kkkkkkkkk

What are your current cups

now I’ve lost trophies. I have 1825

It will only count when you have 1800 trophies and win a raid. Take a close eye on it. If it really doesn‘t change in this case you can contact support via ingame button.

Ok. :slight_smile: thanks and that’s exactly what is happening with more than 1800 trophies I beat and do not mind I’ll get a print of the victory and the page again

You have to actually start the battle in platinum for it to count towards the mission. With hero chests it is the tier you are in when you finish and open it that matters, but with the raid missions it is the tier you start in that counts.

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