Victor the Vampire vs Mitsuko?

I haven’t tried to pull Victor yet because I’m waiting for Mitsuko, but should I even try for her or should Victor be my priority? Who is the better purple hero?

Victor’s DOT has been more than halved between beta and released versions. So who knows how Mitsuko is going to be.

What’s DOT stand for?

It stands for Damage Over Time.

Gotcha, and that’s unfortunate about Victor getting nerfed.

If he was changed in beta, can we really call it a nerf? Isn’t that the point of beta, after all? :slight_smile:


I suppose you are right @sleeperZ96BT but the beta testers should not be able to share info on the heroes they use because when that info reaches the community, everyone gets excited UNTIL we get the finished product and we discover what they got vs what we got are drastically different. Aegir is a great example because that +63 defense for himself and his neighbors is something he desperately needs, but was stripped away (or nerfed) for the regular players. Had the beta testers not told the community how good he was and all that he could do, our expectations wouldn’t have been so high.

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I have to warn you that Mitsuko can even be released on another color.

That said, i still prefer Victor i guess.

Wait, so mitsuko may end up not being purple? Isn’t she purple now? I thought she was supposed to be a Guinevere counter… I didn’t realize so much could change between now and her release. How disappointing.

It is not what testers “got”, rather it was what they tested as the devs watched.

All but the newest newb know heroes of the month and some others whether already in play or not are subject to change before or after release. How can anyone who got excited about a hero not yet released under those conditions?

Aegir got nerfed, and I am not trying for him. Victor got nerfed, and I began pulls as soon as the event started.

@Bud, thanks for the backhanded, passive aggressive insults. If you don’t have anything constructive to add, maybe you could and should keep it to yourself. Just a thought.


Sorry that came out seeming passive-aggressive.

My cranky side has not had enough coffee.

Let me start over by saying it was not you individually I am taking to task. This complaint about what happens to HOTM is as old as the game itself. The devs put stricter guidelines in place, but information always gets out.

So, if we all know this, why are there so many posts complaining? Including conspiracy theories.

Again, sorry, just was your thread that I dumped in.

Edit: Saw you had another thread about a not yet released HOTM. As I said, info will get out. So now that the info is out but not the hero, I am asking you specifically, how can you ask advice on who to level up when no one knows what is going to be the final release?

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@Bud, Easily. If you look at when I originally posted the thread vs my latest comments, my thoughts on the matter regarding info on unreleased heroes has changed. Before I wanted information, but when I was asking about certain heroes I discovered that what the beta testers reveal can and often times does get changed. Knowing that, I made the comment about Aegir (after looking up that he got “nerfed” as well as Victor) and that perhaps beta information shouldn’t be leaked. Now that I know better, I won’t be asking about unreleased heroes, but instead will focus on the ones I already have.

I wish others got that as well as you got it.

Good luck.

I agree, @King_Kyree77 has the right attitude re: beta and may be the only one on this forum that does. Everyone else really enjoys getting butt-hurt over things that happen (and don’t happen a la Zeline/Guin nerfs) before release LMAO.

For those of us not yet in the know, can anyone provide some details on “Mitsuko” ? I haven’t a clue who this is, or what abilities.

Much appreciated as I’m on the fence spending for Victor or waiting for Atlantis and the ascension mats that go with those summons.

From the people in my alliance that pulled Victor, the say he’s ok because his defense isn’t that great. Having very fast mana is great, but the DOT doesn’t do anything unless you continuously attack the same hero. Many of my alliance members p2w so they aren’t too impressed with Victor, but in the end, he probably isn’t a great fit for their teams. My advice to you is to wait and see which hero you prefer because the beta info on Mitsuko is subject to change.

My take on Victor is that he would be great as a defense tank IMO.

Very fast mana = almost sure to activate skill at least once

+30% def buff means even with his subpar defense he would suddenly have a grade A+ defense in addition to his allies and suddenly the whole team becomes A+ defense heroes. Sure it can be dispelled but you need a decent board for your dispeller to do so (most are average mana except Caedmon and Sonya). The moment you dispel, he has a high chance to cast again which is a super pain in the a**. His defense buff with his very fast mana are the main reasons I look at rather than his DoT. A bad board can spell disaster for opponents.

His DoT is just meh for me and is like an anti-Guin move which is moderate in most cases.

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That’s also the feedback I got from the people I know who have Victor and have faced him in raids. The +30% def buff combined to his very fast mana is a pain to deal with. The DoT is too weak and over too many turns to be of real concern. Never mind that in defense the AI is unlikely to hit the same hero twice. But his stats even with the +30% def buff are not really suited for a strong tank. I think it may be the reason why Anchor gave him only a B in defense overall.


True that his def stats are not great but his 30% buff is not only to himself. Imagine a team of fast hard hitting snipers with 30% def buff. It will be a nightmare to kill them. I am currently using Ares as tank with 4 fast snipers. I can only imagine having him as tank instead. 4x A+ def snipers. Just thinking about it makes me happy but of course the game hates me and wouldn’t give me Victor yet. I still have days to go until the event runs out. Will buy all the gem offers until I get him. :yum:

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