Victor or Toth-Ahmun?

Im currently deciding which of these dark heroes to max first?

Thanks for the replys!
im currently leaning towards Victor have Panther (and haven’t Hel) - Thot
If you have Panther (and have Hel) - Victor
If you haven’t Panther - Victor


Excelent reply, Thanks :+1:

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thank you as well. I already have Panther and Aeron and was undecided about leveling Thoth
Unfortunatelly no dark snipers for me :sob:

If you mix Panther with Thot you got 3 purple snipers :wink:


I would personally take Victor over Thoth regardless myself. I love using Victor with my mana troops. Im a junkie for very fast heroes. And the mana troops firing specials after 6 tiles is huge.

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