Victor or proteus, who to ascend first

I’m in doubt which heroes to ascend, particularly my blue & purple colors.
I’ve been ascending victor, almost at 3/70 but maybe i should prioritize proteus first, currently at 3rd ascension.

For my blue colors i’ve been lucky with my pulls lately, after sitting on aegir(@3/70) as my only blue 5* for the longest time i pulled magni from TC20 & king arthur from event this week. I could fully ascend both of them but don’t know with who to start (i know, first world problems).
I’ll add screenshots of my current roster

Any insights and tips are greatly appreciated!

Proteus is awesome. I have Victor, but havent started on him yet

Wow you have a nice heroes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
proteus is my favorite hero. I have 2 proteus (number 1 is maximum, number 2 is processing 3/25)

Where are you with Trap Tools and Tabards?

It’s all about the mat inventory


6 tabards and 8 trap tools currently in inventory, so i do have enough for both, it’s just that if i fully max victor first, i won’t have proteus maxed for quite a while since i only use strict color stacking.

I have 11 telescopes and 14 warm capes but i probably won’t have to wait for any mats to fully ascend both magni & arthur as long as i max one and then the other. Just a matter of which one to prioritize

You really shouldn’t level your heroes that way.

Too many unfinished.

Proteus is far more useful IMO. Both useful…but I’d do Proteus first.

Yeah i have changed my mind a bit when i just started out playing, and some are halfway leveled because i exclusively feed 2* to the color that’s almost maxed and i feed 1* of same color to the next hero of that color that i’ll be focussing on to try and maximize my foods

I never understood why somebody with that kind of in-game experience would need advice… You are the one that knows best about the particularities of your fighting style! Just follow your gut! You got a great roster, you can’t go wrong!

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Proteus is god-tier for events, and pretty good for raids. Victor is great for raiding as well but otherwise not useful for events and only marginal for titans.

Plus four stars take half as long to level. I would definitely do Proteus first.

For the record I have both at or close to max level. Victor can start raiding at like 3\40 or so, he’s pretty strong even at low levels.

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Victor gets my vote he just pretty darn amazing maxed. He very versatile specially when you start stacking his special.

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@PHATDIAMOND, Victor is amazing at certain events. He won me the Christmas event and completely shuts down Morgan Le Fey and Guinevere. The summer event he is useless because the heroes cleanse, but other than that… he’s relatively versatile and helps the entire team. When I use him, my squad usually stays with the def buff.

Thanks for the reactions & insights everyone! I’ll max out proteus first before continuing with victor.

Got to use proteus first time this past weekend both with avalon event and in wars and i’m impressed! Victor is already quite useful at 3/70 but i’m sure he’s awesome when fully maxed

With Proteus\Hel and some mana pots none of the bosses ever get to use a special. That trumps basically everyone else.

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