Victor or Khiona

I have Joon as my only 5* level 4 hero. Now I am going to ascend.another one. It’s either Victor or Khiona. Please advise on which one to.go. I heard that Victor is only good for offense, and Rhiona is for titans. Is it true?

I am in the same boat.

Victor seems very good overall and may be better than Khiona.

But in my situation I am going with Khiona, she is a better fit in my team right now. I will take Victor to 70 and use him some.

All in all it really depends on what areas you focus on and which one fits your team better.

Both good, but Khiona has more uses than victor imo. Victor is more geared toward raids.

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Victor for raids and Khiona for titans.

See what you like to use it for.

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Victors DOT goes up with his level, leaving him at 70 will hurt him a lot

Does it? Or does it go up with skill level (which I’ve never failed to max before hitting 3/70)?

Denys is right, DOTs go up with level. The % portions of the special will increase with special level though.

I disagree that Victor is only useful in raids. The stacking DOT and Armor buff is effective in a Titan fight.

Yes, and with Special level.

True, but I’d much prefer Khiona’s whopping attack buff. I’m not going to bring Wu against a Holy titan, so I find Khiona a solid addition to my purple stack against titans. BUT…her special is as good at 3/70 as at 4/80 (of course her Attack stat isn’t as high, so her tiles aren’t as powerful). So I could make a case to level Khiona to 3/70 and Victor to 4/80 to max the total effect.


Khiona to SMASH those titans. Also her specials helps other specials hit harder as well. Purple mini healing is a good little boost for stacks. Her animation doesn’t take forever and cover up the whole titan board either. If you have Wilbur the wombo combo is quite fun.

Only argument I can make for Victor is that the defense boost is great and you’ll probably have it up really fast or even all the time.

If you’re running Wilbur, Victor’s defense buff is weak. Easier to keep up, though

Titans first, so Khiona. But Victor is godly for raids.

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How good is the khiona/Wilbur combo? I find myself not very excited about khiona but I have 11 tabards about to be 12, I could max her whenever I feel like it given some time to collect feeders. Wilbur is maxed. I’m just not so excited about khiona honestly mainly I think because her special is average mana and I want fast mana at this point I already have lots of average. And the benefit of her attack bonus seems situational.

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Use both of them coz kiona had dark element link so it will be helpful

I felt the same with Khiona when I drew her.

Now I have her at 70 (1 more tabbard) and will be ascending her soon.

Use a couple fast mana snipers next to her and it is awesome. I use Wilbur and Rigard as my other 2 currently.

The spirit link I use both ways. I use it to lengthen my teams life and I use it on enemies to attack the hero I don’t mind charging or the one with the weakest defense and do more damage to all. Khionas boost helps this quite a bit with those snipers.