Victor Needs a Buff

With the addition of the new Halloween 5 :star: s, it’s clear Victor needs a buff. He seems so out of place when you look at the stats and specials of the two new ones. This could easily be fixed by increasing his base stats so they’re more in line with the two new 5 :star: s and making his special apply to the target and nearby enemies. Another idea would be to have him summon a bat minion for each ally that steals a bit of health from any enemy it hits.

P.S. If you like the current version of Victor, good for you. It’s probably not likely they’d implement the changes mentioned above anyway, so relax, you’ll be able to continue using him as he is, but if you think he could use a tweak or two, I’d really like to hear some of your ideas about how he could be made better. There are a lot of creative people on here, and I always enjoy hearing your insights. :slightly_smiling_face:

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