Victor Card is Broken or Falsely Advertised


My Victor, leveled to 8/8 special is not as strong as the Victor advertised in the Seasonal summon. His damage dealt over time is not the same. I submitted a complaint report to SG. Do you think they will fix this? Thanks guys


I’m sure you will get a full refund. Congratulations on identifying this error.


In reality the card will have same stats when it will be at full power , 2-46 its not 4-80.

Many hero card work like this , would be to overpower at low level .


When you finish levelling your Victor, I think, just think you may feel a little foolish about this post. When yours is maxed like the card shown, you will see they are identical.


Cool, thanks for the heads up everyone. I just don’t understand why it works that way and where it is spelled out that it does so


Is the same with all DOT hitters I believe. As the hero gets stronger so does the damage they deal.


Yes, all DOT (Damage-Over-Time) specials increase as the hero’s level AND special skill level increases. Like Azlar, Lady Locke, Kelile, etc.


Hi, my Victor has too another damage by 8/8. What can I do?? :frowning:


Finish the card to 4/80.

That is all.

Not broken.


These types of complaints are common enough that perhaps SG should reword DOT damage to be a percentage of the base attack stat rather than an absolute number.


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