🎃 Victor - 5* Dark/ Purple from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

It worth evolve Victor?

I have only Sartana, Domitia classic and Clarissa in dark element, and I have 17 tabards ATM.

I need a good dark hero in my rooster… But many people says Vicotr don’t worth the tabards.

Thanks for any tip!

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That was before his recent buff though. He is much better now in his current state.

Who are your current maxed 5* purples?

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For now, i have:
Clarissa +20
Sartana +7
Domitia without costume +4

Just this 3 dark ladies

And now, Victor 3-70

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You have some great firepower already so I would max Victor. Adds some nice utility to your purple team.

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I think Clarissa buff defense against special, and Victor buff normal defense works well.

I don’t test yet, but i think its useful to make better my dark team.

Thanks Palms!


You can use both victor and clarrisa on the wings that way, that will make Jabberwock useless.
So jealous that you got victor


Thank you for the tip, Tidyup! I will try this formation, the darks on the wings.

On halloween i trying Francine a lot, but nothing.
When i pick Victor, i can’t be happy at the first, but now i’m really happy with his.


Oh you have Francine too that’s even better. You can benefit from the family bonus of 12% mana gen. I would run a Victor/ Francine/ Frank combo for that family bonus. Victor is going to fire so fast it’s not even funny


No, i don’t get Francine…i made 75 summons but i get only Victor, Frank, Valeria and Vlad.

I need ASAP a green hero too…

Victor is massively underrated.
He is not a world beater, but hes an excellent attacking support hero with a splash of DoT. At very fast speed with a lvl 11 mana hes firing in 6. pair him with any one of the poisoners that dark has and a c.rigard or c. Tiburtus and you’ve got a viable raiding/war 3-stack.
I use Victor as an integral linchpin in my Clarissa, Victor, C. Domitia, Vela, C. Kiril war line. I usually attack slightly weaker war targets (which for where my alli is it’s still a darn good defense team) and am successfull VERY often. His regular defense buff works with Clarissas element link and velas and c. kiril attack down, and the speed and amount of DoT I can pile on an opponent is unreal.


And this is without the family bonus. Now imagine him with an additional 12% mana gen

off topic but I plan to use victor this war…
but @Palms I believe we are facing off in war, good sir.
tips cap

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Back at ya @OG-Pusha, good luck man and have a fun war! I can try and see if peeps will record attacks on your def if you would like to see them? @Homaclese made a similar offer through Discord. Would’ve liked your post but I’m out of likes for the moment.

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Thatd be great.
If anyone attacks you or I get any war videos I’ll send them over

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I’ll record all my hits. Had a look at your raid defense. Happy to record a hit against you if you don’t mind lowering your war defense a smidge :smiley:


Lol, thanks @Homaclese. Bah, you could take my defense but on the other hand, Aife is a killer tank :smile: I gave my alliance mates a headsup so hopefully will be able to send some attacks your way.

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I’ll update this post as I record bits.

2nd defense didnt stand a chance with my starting board

Vs Kostaskalemis

Vs Gohan

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Thanks @Homaclese :+1: Here are my first two vs Robert and Lets Go.

Robert was a tough one. Had to work for the tiles and missed a match 3 on the right wing but it worked out eventually.

The second went quicker as I had a great starting board.

Still 6 tiles… almost no difference. 9%+12%=21%

To load in 5 tiles he would need 30%…so another 9% missing.

Love my Victor but he got hit hard by the new war rules. Not being able to stack bleeds is a big disadvantage for him

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