Vibrate After AutoFarm Is Finished

I know this was mentioned before by @Wormwood but i’d like to revisit the topic

I autofarm quite a bit while doing other things such as watching tv, doing household chores, cat napping, working, eating, etc and i would find vibrate alerts pretty useful for letting me know autoplay has finished so that i can start the next.

i know we can just look at our phone every 30 seconds or a minute to see if it’s finished but that can be somewhat inconvenient at times, at least for me. We also have loot tickets but i burn through them as fast as i get them and i’m sure others that farm 4 or more times a day do as well.

Feature could be toggled on/off in the settings like sound and music already are.

Anyways curious to see if i’m the only one that would find this useful

I think we should be albe to set autofarm according to our energies.
If I have 30 energies, let me program 10 autofarms on a 3-energy stage! No need to wait for it to finish, and then click on Repeat and Go, and then Auto again.
Just run it 10x one after the other


Moderator’s Note

This post continues a discussion originally in the context of skipping auto-play farming, which was closed when Loot Tickets were implemented.

This new topic addresses a different component of that conversation, namely notifications while auto-play farming. This particular idea was originally noted as a possible alternative to allowing for fully skipping auto-play farming.

Thanks @Rigs for resurrecting that separate idea.

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