Viability: 3* Defense team with 2* Heal/Tank

As FTP I’ve had great luck in acquiring a full 3* rainbow squad of in short order. That said, every single 3* hero that I’ve pulled is offensive in nature. Here’s my current A-Team:

  • Balthazar
  • Bane
  • Olaf
  • Berden
  • Sha Ji / Azar

I also own: Valen, Karil, and Caedmon

Caedmon and Karil are brand new to the squad. Since basic Caedmon is worse than Berden at this point in time, he’s only of value if I need to stack Nature, until I finish leveling Berden (should happen semi-soon, Berden is already at 3.7) Caedmon is inferior.

Valen is barely leveled at all, too. He’s at just 1.26 because none of my 3* heroes are healers or defensive in nature. Because of this, and before I pulled Valen, I had already been leveling Olaf (2* hero with “Defensive Tactics” giving 54% defense for 4 turns to all allies). Olaf’s at 3.24 right now and his defensive stats are only marginally lower than my other almost-maxed 3’s.

Beyond this, I have no 3* healer so I’ve taken to relying on Sha Ji (2 star holy healer). This means that she and Bane are doin’ a holy double-stack, though, so I generally pull Bane if I run her… which is less than ideal. Him + Olaf have served me well in questing, though.

In case you wanna take a peek at actual current stats, I’ve attached the current hero cards. My questions are below.

  1. What would you recommend I use as my defense team?

  2. Considering that I intend to finish leveling Berden before I invest more into Caedmon, would you even bother including Caedmon in the team in non-stacking situations?

  3. Sha Ji + Olaf feels powerful when I get enough blues to start the fight with Olaf’s Special… but they’re liabilities if I don’t. What would you consider to be my current A-Team?

  4. Which Blue should I level? Valen’s low because I was previously leveling Olaf…

Ya know, if it’s a same-level choice, I don’t feel bad about making a right/wrong choice since they’re generally so close in power differential… but considering that there’s a tier difference in there, it really mucks up the works all around! I really appreciate your insight. Thanks much, all.

~ Che

p.s. Wow! That’s really cool looking at all relevant hero cards side-by-side like it’s listed here! Hmmmm.!

In the long run when you’ve got them leveled, a mix of Valen, Bane, Caedmon, Balthazar, and Azar would make a pretty good rainbow defense until you get a 3 or 4* healer and more 4*.

I agree with finishing Berden before getting into Caedmon. There’s a good chance you don’t have the ascension materials to max Caedmon yet anyway. So Berden can stand in for the meantime.

Valen, Bane, Balthazar and Berden are also some of the best 3* in the game, so you’ll get good use out of them in events and war for quite a long time to come. I would definitely max all of them.

Sha Ji and Olaf are probably useful for you now, since you don’t have a lot of options. But you’ll outgrow them relatively quickly. I do suspect you’ll be using them for War for quite a while, though, until you have at least 30 heroes better than them. I wouldn’t continue prioritizing them at this point, though. The mileage on 2* is pretty limited, and it doesn’t take much leveling of a 3 or 4* to exceed them.

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Hmm. Sounds like I need to start giving Valen and Azar a little more credit than I have been.

Yep :slight_smile: Those fast 3* snipers can be quite useful.

Don’t worry too much at this point about progressing on the World Map, or advancing in trophies from raiding. Keep farming the same levels you can already beat, and build up your training camps. By the time you get to 13, you can make guaranteed 3* with a chance at 4*. And tc4 and tc11 will make you 1 and 2* feeders for your other heroes super cheaply (11 is just a cheaper version of 4), and without anything but recruits and food required. I wouldn’t bother with researching any tc level between 4 and 11.

I know you’re FTP, but if you do ever consider spending any money at all, the biggest bang for your buck is VIP. That second builder will accelerate your progress on leveling buildings quite a lot. And they happen to be running the best deal on it right now that I’ve ever seen offered.

By the time you can produce guaranteed 3*, you’ll likely have or soon get some 3* healers. And then it won’t be long before you lament your lack of 4* healers. :wink:

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