Veteran's Mid-Life crisis, a retrospective

Preamble, hidden if you do not care to read it

Recently, life has gotten hard. Really hard.
Parents know that parenting is tough, but there have been some next-level challenges thrown my way that have altered the way life will be lived for the rest of my existence as a father. Mercifully I have the support of an amazing partner but, this affects her just as much as it does me.

Needless to say, the game that has been around before, during and after the blow-up of the crisis has begun to wear a little thin. Even my forum posts have taken a hit, with less joy and a little more darkness than I prefer.

The silver lining is that I have really begun to put my phone down. Walk away from it for hours at a time. Live “in-person” as much as I can. It has been freeing. So much freedom that it’s caused me to question any investment in this game at all.

So, what’s the point of it all?

Easy question to ask. SG has made itself quite a target.
  • As an over-arching statement: SG has a lot of failure in a short amount of time.
  • I’ll cave and admit that Telly is not fun when it’s the only valid tank in wars.
  • Tavern of Legends is an embarrassment (don’t ever pay money for it)
  • Hero Academy is “Nope”
  • Academy Lab is even MORE “Nope” after the latest “fix”
  • Noor should just be renamed “Nope”-- even has the same prefix
  • 5* Summon rates are still terrible
  • Someone else said it: This game's entire PVP has become a "Guess the Starting Board" contest and it's NOT OKAY
  • The gems are random. Conspiracy Theorists need to stop telling people they aren’t.
  • The forums are the same cross-section of stupid as everywhere else in the internet.
  • I can spend 2 years of my life building everything on my base. Um… yay?
  • Titans are not fun anymore. Some of it is due to lack of variety.
  • 3 years into the game and completed all available levels-- still running out of materials to make little blue mana? [CENSORED] NO.
  • While we’re at it… Season 1 5-8, 7-4, 8-7. Over and over and over and over and [censored] over.
  • You know how you run into the trouble with nerfing/buffing heroes after release? That could be avoided by listening AND APPLYING beta feedback. Ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure.
  • Quality of life things. Only a few in the last year. You really could do better. I’m unapologetically saying SG sucks with QOL enhancements. One of the worst I’ve ever played in that regard. For a game with such generic actual gameplay, QOL is king.

But really, I understand that all of this is my problem to varying degrees.


  • Life is hard
  • The game is not fun

So, as a man of action, I decided to do something-- a thing not unfamiliar to other veterans.

  • I stepped down as leader. @Munch is probably better and more deserving anyway
  • I tried playing as Co for a bit… but the 14* grind was too much and war was maddening.
  • I left for our lower alliance Helios EOS 🌞 Training Alliance for (Top 100) Helios
  • I ended up as the leader there, mostly to try and boost membership. But that even required too much brain power.
  • I left the family for a quick vacation: Special thanks and shout-out to the kind, chill folks at Short Bus Crew. Nothing but good things to say about them.
  • I went back to Helios at the first available opening.

I’m not sure how long I was away from Helios…
But I learned some very important things that other waning veterans may find helpful.

TL;DR-- I don't stress about anything in the game anymore, and it's working!
  • You can make lots of friends in this game but, for some of us, there’s really only ever one home. Usually that home is held down by a pillar of 2-4 solid folk that almost act as the reason you continue playing.
  • I had a good time going around and doing other stuff, but life followed me around and the game still sucked. So, with all things equal and nothing changing… it was ultimately better to stay where I was most comfortable.
  • Absent the equivalent of a convertible car and a trophy wife, the Mid-game crisis can go a variety of ways. ‘Eff-it’ spending, ‘Eff-it’ no-spending, quitting, downshifting or any sort of odd behavior… mine was a bit of a rumpspringa where I did whatever. I’m still almost at the same place I was when I left, just knowing that the wanderlust and problems were just as valid then as they are now.
  • What keeps me in the game is an attainable, short-term goal. Mine is actually maxing every last hero in my roster. Unlike those who spend lots of money or tons of time in the game, I have never gotten around to finishing all of my 160 heroes.
  • I’m not stressing about my titan, raid or war hits. I don’t care anymore. I am just doing what i can and moving on. I don’t feel the pressure to succeed or be an example of a good player. I hold my own and play like a team member. Good enough.
  • One I’ve finished my short term goal, I’ll see if I want to keep playing. I don’t have any other games on my phone except for E/P and the exact-friggin copy, otherwise known as E/P’s buggy twin.

Some people go full-on merc at the end of their E/P life and that’s cool for them. Me, I’ll just die at home. :slight_smile:


I hope that whatever has been going on with your personal and family life, is getting better or gets better soon. I know the world is in a crazy state right now and that also makes things that are bad pile up even more.

I think you have the right idea.

Stepping away is a healthy thing to do. Screens in general can take away a lot of your time, and moderation is key to ensure a healthy experience.

Treat the game like a game, and you’ll have fun. :slight_smile: I think that’s the best thing you can do


Really wish you the best for your family and most of all your sons/daughters.
As a parent, that’s all i feel to say.

F*** the game, work, car or anything else.

That’s not important.

New games come, new games go.
New jobs come, new jobs go.

But you have just one family.

Good luck, whatever you must face for them.


You speak the complete truth, my friend.

As a fellow parent, everything of mine is crossed for you and I’m 100% certain you’re doing an awesome job bringing up little creatures that will make this world a better place in the future.

Certainly puts into perspective what should be a fun bit of escapism that all too often is not.


Thank you @DaveCozy, @Elpis & @HappyHippo. I appreciate the kindness.

Hoping that the next few months are easier.
Of course, my kids still occasionally play Empires n Puzzles as well.
As a side note, even my son (12) thinks Tavern of Legends portal sucks. He said it was like a bully playing ‘keep away’. I found that a fitting analogy.


Your son is wise :wink: and so are you.

Thanks for sharing, as it’s also a good lesson for the rest of us. Glad that you learned some valuable things from the soul-searching. And hope that the challenges with your family get better soon.


I can totally relate.

Disclaimer – I am NOT in a top alliance, I am NOT a top-level player, and I do NOT open multiple chests per day.

However, I have noticed an increase in my playing time and forum time at the beginning of the pandemic crisis, followed by a significant decrease in both over the last few weeks. I live alone, I work for an “essential service” company. I have been travelling to and from work all this time, so I have isolated myself completely from everyone else like family and friends. I thus tried to substitute this game and this forum for that loss. It didn’t work. I can’t replace lifelong friends that I now only have occasional long-distance contact with. I expected too much from this game and (no offence) this forum. Many people on here are amazing and I consider them great and supportive internet friends. But there is a tangible difference.

Sometimes it is so hard getting motivated enough just to do the dishes these days.


As a veteran, I can understand where you’re at right now. I have two profiles. One is on a “retirement” alliance that caps the titans at 10 but still takes wars seriously (if opted in) which suits me perfectly. I’m still very active but wanting to take a break from the constant crafting of battle items for larger titans.

I’m committing August to working on my roster for troops and emblems. I’m going to avoid the siren call of pulling for the next great hero that I’ll probably not get. I’ll do a 10x pull for costumes though.

The biggest change I’ve made is to remove my main profile from Rising Dawn. I still love that alliance and my husband still plays there. They are awesome but they are fighting 12/13s titans and I decided that after 3 years, I just don’t want that anymore.

I’ve taken that profile and joined it with my other one on Forsaken Oasis. That’s my retirement alliance and it’s a good place for me to stay active with no titan stress!


Always good to to take a break stepping sort of away clear your head think what’s best for you and your family. Nice to see a positive post on here for once, your cool person on the forum with knowledge to share glad your sticking about :+1::beer::hotdog:


These days, for me, the name “Small Giant” evokes images of a falsely benevolent troll lurking under a small bridge, waiting to ensnare unsuspecting passers by. It’s also a fitting analogy. I hope in the future that international laws are passed to stop gaming companies doing what Small Giant (and others, I’m sure) have done.


@princess1 Thanks for chiming in! My alt (which quietly has become almost as powerful on titans as my main) now sits in the lowest Helios alliance (Helios Selene) where I play at a much more relaxed pace and have missed 2 of the past 4 titans with no big deal, but (like you) never miss a war hit.

It takes a bit to ease up off the throttle as I am a naturally competitive person, but now that I’ve finally done it, I feel better. I play the game but don’t feel that same ‘tension’ that I need to score high on titans or blow away every team in war. If a board messes with me I just sigh and shrug, think about quitting for a second and then go about my day. Scored 123 in war this past weekend. That would have bother me before, but not anymore.

Thanks for your reply. It’s tough to remain positive even with silly things like this game. But, if we understand our priorities, we can be negative without actually feeling negative :slight_smile:

The veil is thinner every day. :wink:


My best wishes to you and your family and may you all overcome all obstacles on your way.
I am also a veteran of almost 3 years and tired. Also steepped down from leadership. Then, on the first week of july, I was rushed to a Hospital, and had to stay a week in ICU and another week in cardiac ward, with an incurable heart condition that will demand much care to give me some extra time. And believe it or not, my biggest feeling while in Hospital, was of relief of not having to do titans, wars or co lead. Eye opener eh? Such an addiction to a game that for over a year just throws trash at us.
Now, despite being bedridden most of the day, I just log in for titans and the occasional chest, did not opt back into wars, wondering if I can even find a short term project in it. Should be a vaccine against E&P.


This really can’t be understated.
but, please, SG… make it nearly impossible to get the nuggets for tornadoes.

Pretty much. It’s unfortunate, but we pay with our time and actual dollars for the punishment of RNG.
A+ on titan? Nice job! Here is a bag of titan genitals and toilet paper.


Omg! I hope you will be ok. When I first started playing this game two years ago I remember reading your many posts on the forum and finding them a great help to this noob. Sending lots of healing potions (minor I’m afraid, I’m low on food) your way :hospital:


Recently I went solo with my own one man alliance to ward off the recruiters and I’m actually having more fun than I was. Personal life while has been hectic, honestly isn’t that hectic that I can’t log in and use war flags and hit titans. So it was probably more like caught in a vicious cycle of monotony. I had been wanting to do this for a while, however I had many friends that made it difficult as I’ve been with most of them nearly 2 years. Sucked it up and broke free.

  • I didn’t realize how influenced I was to spend and pull while in an alliance.
  • I’m still getting mat drops elsewhere. It appears the game makes up for it though other chests, since I’m not getting it from solo fighting 4 and 5* titans.
  • I’m saving crafting items like never before
  • My build progression has increased with more ham and iron than I typically would have every few days to do what I want and need to.
  • No drama…yeah yeah, every alliance that says they’re drama free has drama at some point.
  • I feel fairly casual, where I want to be anyway. Though I log in and play daily, the feeling of I have to is gone.

Love it


I contemplated that, but I do enjoy the camaraderie when I do tune-in. People that seem to like me when I do chime in.

I know there’s line for talk, but I’m not kidding myself that I’ll have people to chat with about other things-- as the game itself is the more interesting topic, with real-life as an aside.

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Best wishes to you @Branwen and I hope this condition proves relatively easily managed.

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This…I’ve been in my alliance for well over two years now and it is those same 3-4 folks who keep me sane as the natural turnover in the rest of the alliance occurs.

Great post.


Yeah, that’s what really prevented me from going solo for so long. That and feeling like a traitor or shady abandoning members who I called friends. But at the end of the day, if the friendship is mutual, it shouldn’t need my attendance within the same alliance. It’s nice to shoot the crap and spam funny gif’s and memes all day. To brag about accomplishments, new records, and amazing fights. To complain to those willing to listen about war boards.

The big part of this game is making friends, which get you sucked into the whirlwind of competition, envy, and eventually spending (especially when you’re in a competitive alliance). For weak willed people like me, that’s a recipe for disaster and it has been. To put it like this, I only lack Natalya, Skadi, and Lady Loki (everything else in heavy dupes and that’s considering what I didn’t feed away). So it was best for me to get myself out of this vicious cycle and environment, otherwise my next step would be a Mok-arrrrrggh feeding video.

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Or the FOMO… Like other humans, my alliance mates get lucky and pull a hero I really want so I think… hey I could, too! I’m not trying to keep up, per se, but I know XXX hero would be super fun if I pulled them.

Although I suppose XXX heroes might increase the minimum age for the game a bit… but I digress…

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