Vet player looking for a specific type of Alliance

Im looking for a competitive alliance that will probably fall around the top 300 or higher and chaining 14* titans.

Maxing my 76th 5-Star now and my 10th 5-star LB

Full Set of lvl 27 Mana troops with all others lvl 11 or higher

Current war defense teams over 5100, 4800 at lowest.

Here is the catch…

I am limited to Discord for outside communication so I cant join an alliance dependent solely on Line.

Let me have your Discord info and I can provide screen shots or whatever else you need. Leaving my current alliance is sure to upset some folks so I am keeping things on the low…ish


Tagging a few individuals that might tick all the boxes in your OP.

@Mistress_of_Shadows doesn’t the Shop family use Discord?
The 7DD family use Discord @littleKAF & @Guvnor.
@AmphibiousChris don’t the Insurrectionists also use Discord :thinking:.

I know of a great alliance that use Discord but chaining *13 titans I believe, TBD Part Deux @Macaque1902

GL on your E&P journey.


Thanks for the tag @Sarah2 ! @Adrift Insurrectionists do use discord, come stop by and see if they might be a fit for you.


We’re top 100 international English speaking alliance, we’ll have one opening after the war. No stress no drama just killing titans and wining wars. Come check us out “turpitude”
Discord link turpitude

I also recommend Turpitude @Adrift ! Great group! They let me hang around in their discord even though I’m not a member anymore

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Hi @Adrift and thanks for the tag @Sarah2.

As Sarah said, we’re chaining 13* (capped for now) and take down 14* rares.

We are currently ranked in the 800’s but jump a bit higher when full. We currently have 1 space open and 2 more towards the end of the month (both of those spaces are filled by our waiting list).

We are competitive, but not full-on. Looking for the utopia that is total balance between alliance performance and making plenty of space for real life! I think we’re pretty close to it!

Really great group of players with a mixed level of ability, and a mix of F2P, C2P and P2P members. What we do like to do is try and help everyone get the best out of the rosters they have.

Active discord server with alliance members new and old, plus a few extra friends we’ve picked up along the way - having ex-players staying on our server is a good indication of the type of atmosphere and community we’ve built within TBD over the last 18 months or so.

I know we are slightly lower level than you were looking for, but if you are interested in chatting and meeting the team, you’d be welcome to join our server. Feel free to message me: Macaque1902#2219

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No ma’am we only use line. Thank you for the shout out though. :kiss:

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