Very Unmatched War

Can someone explain this to me?
They are all level 55’s-60’s all 30 diamond league. We have half of our team on diamond league & levels 30’s & 40’s about 4 in 50’s…Our alliance score is in 442346… And… Please explain what’s the deal w/ their titan score? They are all stacked leveled up players…

Probably a new alliance that start all over again from 1* titans.

Watch how many days is their leader in the alliance.

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You’re right… 15 days, but majority are 5 days… Interesting… but as for our war today, again we are being set up for failure, cuz they all have very high troops. Some even dbl stacked colors (same level) troops…& majority are level 58-60 & about 5 in level 55 smh

Yeah, every system have his flaws.
Small giant can’t prevent something like this from happening from time to time.

Take it easy and do not bother too much for it.
Next pair will probably be much more fair.

Thanks for your replies @Elpis… Much appreciated…

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