Very simple request: Add commas to large numbers

Just would really like to see commas as a formatting option for larger numbers

Instead of: 57381
Would like to see: 57,381

Instead of: 1508749
Would like to see: 1,508,749

Including damage dealt and ham/iron costs, etc. Would be helpful even when number is already rounded to K

Instead of: 1773K
Would like to see: 1,773 K

Would sure make things easier on the eyes, especially as things go into 5, 6, even 9 digits long. Eg, would be especially nice on Titan HP bar.

Instead of: 2872990
Would like to see: 2,872,990

Bumping, really think this request would be easy to implement and make huge QOL improvement.


Bumping up again. It would be so nice, easy, and make a lot of sence. Here here to commas on large numbers!

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I think this is a fair and easy request. Where I live we use periods instead, but I get the idea.


I had to laugh when I read this suggestion … I thought it was just my own lack of ability with numbers when I just couldn’t figure out the difference between thousands and millions. Calculating how much food I had to feed my heroes required me to take it to 800k, for example, because I just couldn’t see if it was in millions or thousands.

Please, commas, periods, dashes, stars … something, anything to help me :grin:

If this is implemented, I would like to request that the Oxford comma be used.

I think this would be greatly appreciated by players, developers, and grammaticists alike. :slight_smile:


I’m guessing localization simplicity is the reason this wasn’t originally implemented, since different places use commas and points differently in numbers, as @DaveCozy noted, but it would certainly make it easier to read large numbers in the game.


We use commas for decimals and dots for thousands but there is no confusion about this.

You could just look at the example of offer prices with dots used for decimals. Nobody had given a call to HQ asking to clarify that, I would suppose.

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Here in Brazil, offer prices uses commas for decimals. So implementing that comma-or-period to large numbers seems reasonable and possible.

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Dots vs commas shouldn’t be a problem at all, those types of output and localization options are fairly trivial, it’s not really an issue for them to overcome. The larger problem is probably formatting, like worrying that numbers will not fit, or will wrap unexpectedly or something like that.

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i agree, there could be a preference for simplicity in the beginning but with all the resources they have in hand now, it should be too easy.

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This would definitely increase the usability.

Maybe just add a toggle in the settings menu where the player can select None, Commas or Dots. Seems to get over any localisation issue and gives power to the players.


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