Very nice upgrades SG Thanks

Congrats to the devs and SG on these upgrades.

I think it is very fair to say that this upgrade goes to show they do pay attention to what we say.

I like the extra slot and very impressed with how fast they fixed the allience draw points and made it 3. Well done.

I do have a question thought about the naming of the teams; is that only for the newly bought slots as I can’t see the ability to name current teams ATM?

Anyone who complains about these this update deserves thier back sides kick.

Make a pinboard for our Christmas present and everyone will he happier. Lol

Again CONGRATS & Thank You


You can change all names, not only bought teams.


Agree @Ozy1 some great changes all round.

Praise where it’s due.

Hopefully this will help us fill that AW chest!

Great that worked, thank you.

I’m particularly happy about getting recruits from raids. It isn’t much, but every recruit helps!


I agree. Increasing the value of raids with recruits is a nice touch and means thats maybe occasionally I can leave 8-7!

Team slot increase has often been requested and the gem cost isn’t too silly, most people asked for six

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Agreed, nice update, however I have mixed feelings regarding the extra team slot. I’m ok with paying but is too expensive for me. Those gems are reserved for pulls, even if the chance to get the heroes I’m looking for are so thin.

Talking about the recruits available at raids, does someone know where are they coming from? Sometimes I get 4, sometimes 3 and there are no record about how much an attacker is getting from raiding me. Since the upgrade I managed to keep 0 recruits in my homes, maybe it’s time to test if leaving recruits available I lost them…

I don’t believe you actually lose any recruits when raided. As far as how many recruits you gain, it depends on what cup range you are in. I think 5 for diamond, 4 for Platinum, 3 for gold? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I got 6


I think if the cup differential is big enough you can get six. I got six on 2 raid victories.

Yeah, I didnt notice that before. Right now at 2651 cups, if my attack gains +38 cups or more it is at 6 recruits.

To be fair, since I got the update I spent most of yesterday in the 2900 cup range. Didn’t see anyone for 6 recruits :joy::wink:

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I love this update! Those extra team slots are awesome! Plus the recruits for raiding (now if you could gain xp while raiding, it would be perfect!)

Well done on this update! Many thanks!!


I raided teams yesterday with 400+ power than me and the recruits ranged between 3 and 4 and I have 2000cups so hard to determine exactly how it’s worked out. Not complaining either way.

I think the 100 gems for team slots is very reasonable, personally I would have preferred seeing extra hero reserve slots over team slots as I’ve stated before on this topic as they fill up pretty quick.

Good to see people being impressed for a change over complaining about an update.


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Hero space? You can purchase that too. Or do you mean something else?

Great upgrade.

What I would like next is the way to have my 6 Teams already for alliance war.

This would help me when I am upgrading heroes, so I know who needs levelling first etc.

Lol, guess you don’t know what team slots are then.

You can do that now. Just go to the shop and by a new team slot and you will have your 6 teams and you can even name each one what you like too.


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