Very low damage to holy titans allways compared to others

I get mostly 40-50k average everytime to all other titans but holy. This team all buffs up does under 2k hits. I also have recorded videos about this.

It’s tough to say, I’m certain that none of your heroes are maxed really plays in to a low damage.

Good Luck!

  • Defence down maeve
  • Dark def down sergei
  • attack power buff sergei (stacks with wu kong)
  • dark shields damage up karnov
  • attack power buff wu kong

Titan is 7 stars

That will be an amzing line up when maxed. A 7 star titan will kill most of your heroes in 2 shots.

Get those heroes maxed or at least the legendary heroes 3/70, 4* heroes 4/70 and like @Chadmo said, that team will be amazing against holy titans then. Look up at their current stats, theres not much sword, defense and health on any of these heroes, as they are not ready yet (except Maeve). A couple of weeks and it should be good to go.

Now that you have Sergei - remove Wu Kong.

Do you have C Rigard? He’s so much better for this line up instead of monkey. Forget about Wu on all titans now that you have Sergei. You need titan stunned for this squishy line up, and with Wu you won’t stun often enough.

You need to max these heroes. They have low attack naturally; at not maxed level, the damage may be low. But overall this should work magically long term. I just guess you didn’t have many yellow titans since pulling Sergei.


Your items are also less than ideal if you want big hits. Max your heroes and stop bringing HP potion if you want big hits.

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When sergie do both job (elemental defense down/ attack boost) , why you need Wu Kong ??!
Bring another purple instead and check the results ???!!!
Why you wasting your tiles with gambler stance of Wu Kong on holly titans ??!!!
And like others said, try to max them fast. :blush:.
Don’t waste your nuggets on those HP pots.
Better you try to use axes for attack down on titan for your heros survivability at this point.

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You just don’t have the firepower to do it yet. Keep working on this team and also like everyone said, get rid of Wu Kong as Sergei is your new titan hitter. And since wonderland is coming up, you may try to pull for a Cheshire cat who can give the same 44% defence down as maeve but only against holy enemies. Difference is he would be sturdier and faster than maeve

Or use only x1 Sergei) But x2 Sergei+Wu is just bad,

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