3️⃣ Very Fast RaidT - your best defense possible (with or without atlantis&events heroes)?


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Supposing that you have all heroes give your best defense for VeryFast 3* raidT:

My VeryFast 3* raidT without atlantis&events heroes

X1 Y1 Z1 T1 V1

My VeryFast 3* raidT with atlantis&events heroes

X2 Y2 Z2 T2 V2

Alliance War all over again

Most likely this is due to matchmaking being totally messed up.

Elemental elimination

Rumor in Beta is there are sixty total. ( 3* to 5* x Elemental elimination x special rule ).

So far the live server has not seen a Tourney with only four elements.

This radically changes the defense team since 3-2 and 5-0 defense teams are viable.


Interesting :slight_smile:
Until then this will help the active forum players to create a better def over time. at least for 3*.

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Yeah, with all the possible combinations as @Gryphonknight said, I think it’s too many to make the threads in advance.

But much of the conversation during the Registration Phase in the main Tournament threads I’ve been making has been about team selection — and by that point we know the actual rules and restrictions for that particular Tournament.

I think the ones that drop an element are going to radically change people’s thinking. They can even make a mono defense a reasonable idea. :exploding_head:

I’m hoping we might see one of those soon — I had hoped the Fourth Tournament we just had would be one. Maybe this next one will be…we’ll know soon enough!


Still broken?

The defense matchmaking still seems broken based on my teammates reports.

While it is totally selfish of me, I hope the Devs hire someone with extensive Elo and matchmaking experience. Or add a day or two of qualifier rounds ( points do not count but you get rewards for each defender, or attacker, wounded ). Or all four.

I do not expect an element to be dropped until loot is restored since eliminating an element heavily favors rosters that can field 5-0 or 3-2.

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I kinda thought that Belith/Gunnar/Hawkmoon in the middle would be a good setup. Apparently other players thought so too, I fought a couple with that setup and found it hard to beat. But my defense with that setup got beat a few times, so there’s obviously a magic combo that beats it (or they just had really good boards).

Belith/Gunnar/Hawkmoon in the center may be a bit hard to kill with Rush Attack…but they don’t do anything dangerous at all.

An attacker can just feed them tiles until they get their specials charged, and have the board in a state they like.

What could make that team work is what’s happening in the corners — for Rush Attack, heavy AoE hitters would make sense. But even then an attacker will have a lot of space to work the board without feeding the corners much.

If I were attacking such a team, I’d take Belith and Mnesseus for dispelling and strong against Gunnar, Brienne for the attack buff and strong against Gunnar, Hawkmoon as an off-color second healer, and Ulmer as a third counter to Gunnar’s buff and an assistance in killing the enemies faster. My goal would be to charge Ulmer, Brienne, and Mnessues and pick off the corners first.

After that, killing the center 3 would be completely without danger.

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Jahangir becomes a beast at Very Fast (so as Colen and Azlar)

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I wasn’t expecting them to do anything dangerous, I just wanted them to be a pain to kill. I figured 3* raids with fast mana would be mostly a battle of stamina. I noticed a lot of teams used Jahangir and he was quite effective, I’ll probably put him in next time.

Being a pain to kill but doing no damage except slash attacks doesn’t particularly make for a strong defense.

It might trip up an attacker who’s not considering an attack approach to the team in front of them and is just trying to kill the tank, but it’s otherwise basically a meat shield team that you can pound on without repercussion.

With a tank that’s mostly a delay tactic, you need dangerous flanks and wings to make use of the delay.

Ulmer left corner and Jahangir right corner would be a decent option with that team. Or Gill-Ra left and Jahangir right.

But I’d lean toward trying to get something dangerous into one of the flank positions too with a defensive tank.


Stupid me, I think I used Azar and Valen (because fast mana + fast mana = SUUUUPER fast mana) :rofl:

Honestly I really didn’t care that much, I just put something in that I thought might work, wasn’t trying for top position or anything. But I have tons of maxed 3* s at my disposal, so I can always try something different the next time a 3* tourney pops up. Thanks for the tips. :smiley:

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It’s a good point that (as usual) the game text isn’t super clear.

I bet you’re not the only person who thought Rush Attack sped up mana generation instead of just setting it to be the same for all heroes.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Remind me not to invest in the stock market or lottery today. Obviously my crystal ball :crystal_ball: is broken.


I think of Friar Tuck being the tank, flanked by Ulmer and Jahangir…

Do I have to put 5 heroes? Gill-Ra & Kailani could fill in… Belith might be better than Friar Tuck in that case, that would make Gill-Ra the tank.

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you have the unleveled wings strat :))

I will try no wings next time :joy:

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so 3 blues for next :wink:

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It will be interesting to see if they try 4* and 3* drop color. Those will really stress rosters.


I’m the slow king.
Beg you don’t cross my defence on v.fast legendary tournament :face_with_monocle:

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