Very Fast Defense Team

Anyone ever tried an all V.Fast defense team? Been thinking about it for a while to play around with, but in the standard formation it never seemed like the heroes would do well. Now with new formations I’m wondering again if there is a viable team or not.

Obviously speed is the main factor for trying it, but a few negatives off the top of my head are the lower defense, lower attack of specials, etc. But can they take out an offense team faster than they can be taken out…

So what do you think might work? I’m usually at 2500+ cups.
Below are the heroes I have that would qualify for the test. And I have a variety of Fast heroes I could add as a 1 off (for instance since I don’t have a blue 5* hero, could possibly use a fast hero instead.)
Also what formation would be best?

Heroes I have to try it with.
Gravemaker +20
Margaret 3:70 (though tempted to fully level)
Thor +18
Clarissa 4:80
Kageburado 4:80
Malosi 3:70

Valeria +1
Sapphire 4:70
Ametrine 4:70
Shale - currently working and will get to 4:70
Mireweave 4:70

Kageburado - Gravemaker - Margaret - Clarissa - Thor seem to be okay for a defense team. If it were super strong it would be a new meta but I found heroes don’t need this extra speed to cause mayhem, the Beras, Friggs, Odins… will punish a bad board pretty quickly as well

You are right about the Beras Friggs and Odins.

I like that arrangement. What formation would you use with that team? I’m thinking Double formation to take advantage of Margaret’s dodge.

The best way would be to use it as your raid defense and see the results. I tried the double formation but my def suffered a lot. The hit three heroes become overpowered in offence (falcon gormek gravemaker for example would hurt a lot). Probably reverse with Kage and Thor on the wings?

Kage works better the sooner he fires something to think of when deciding the formation (wing in reverse would be excellent).

Thor, you want him pumped up so perhaps the other wing in a Reverse.

GM & Clarissa need to fire consistently because such a large part of their damage is DoT.

By including Margeret it screams for Double formation with her in the #3 spot. Reverse probably works as well and she will at least protect the middle three.

I THINK reverse works best with this set of heroes because the two “forward” heroes taking two columns each are taking the side columns which have the fewest matches and the middle three taking a single column each are taking the most active columns so the damage is more evenly spread out.

The Double formation “front” two take tiles from two much more active columns each and could die by tiles more quickly AND there is position three, Margaret could protect the entire team from there but leaves you open to hit three enemies. The other downside is that your two wings are taking a single column each from the two side columns so will take longer to charge. I believe the beauty of your experiment is having all of your defenders charge often which will overload the attacker.

Experimentation will tell you which is best. My personal favorite formation is Reverse Double but I think it would be a poor choice here. I believe Reverse will give you the best results followed closely by the Double formation.

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I think this is an interesting idea, but I also think you’re gonna get spanked. That line up has neither punch nor healing. Adding Grazul in somewhere might change things up. Thor is not a good defensive hero at all, I have never had any issue taking him out. I think for it to work at all you’re going to need to get Margaret up front and working. The biggest vulnerability is going to be against elemental defense breakers. Once that break is on, it’s gonna stick without a heal or cleanse for 4 turns.

And don’t max Shale. He’s one of the worst heros in the game.


I’m really wishing I had a vfast healer to throw in there. That’s why I’m wondering if Ariel might be a good hero to throw in to fill the blue spot. Even though she isn’t vfast she would give healing…

but I’m thinking it’ll be a spanking too lol. but who knows. might punish enough bad boards that the odds work in my favor.

I like the Reverse idea. Might make best use of the vfast heroes. I might try a few different formations just to see.

If the worst comes to the worst, just regard it as an experiment in cup dropping and enjoy your easy chest filling :wink:

Lol yeah just set it up and my cups haven’t gone too well yet. But I’m still taking Margaret up to get her to 4:80. So we’ll see what happens over next few days.

From memory of your other forum posts I believe you have heroes that could work better on defense.

As an exercise in experimentation I fully support it. None of your heroes on this V Fast team are individually scary, this team depends on firing multiple times and having plenty of DoT stacking.

If actually stacking against it, mana control and healers would probably beat it. 2x Rigard, one costume and one vanilla gives the cleanse, Heal, HoT and attack up. Proteus or Hel gives full mana block, failing that silencers or mana slowers.

Ariel adds a lot, she extends the survival, cleanses and in case it helps, also has the massive mana boost which could get you to 5 tiles with mana troops (need 30% boost in total, so just 6% on top of her 24%).

Totally an exercise in experimentation. :slight_smile: figured it might be fun to try some different things and see if I stumble onto some new ideas. so far my cups are definitely lower lol. I’m trying Double formation right now. But will do Reverse next. I also have Toxicandra I can throw in, but that would be a second green rather than a blue. Seems like this vfast team needs something like buff blocking or other skill that helps with viability.

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Since the reverse V was first available for the testing period, I’ve tried a lot of combinations of heroes to try to get a feel for how to place heroes. I have a large roster (like it appears you do) and I found that for holding cups - reverse V with any 5 good heroes will hold 2600 pretty well.

The reverse V is just terribly punishing to fight against. If those heroes were firing at, heck yeah that’d be even worse.

+1 for all in reverse V. It’ll rip people up.


If you alliancemates could do friendly raids against you and share the videos it would go a long way to exposing the blindspots and unexpected strengths, help you see something that you don’t notice when thinking about it in the abstract.


That’s a good suggestion. I totally forgot about the friendly matches!

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I think the reverse is the next one I will try. It’s just hard to pass up the chance to test how Margaret might do in the double lol.

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If I had her I would be experimenting too, having faced her in that position I can say it works. Personally Kadilen-C causes me more problems because she is more robust and has flexibility for where she is placed.

I’ve thought about V Fast defense of my own but don’t have five 5* heroes that could stack and once would have to be Victor and well, he ain’t gonna get Tabards. He can look at them as he carries them over to whatever dark 5* is being ascended at the time but cannot wear them.

The days of Wormwood’s Triple GM Defense & Triple #2 are over due to emblems, the overwriting of DoT’s is too much of a handicap now that heroes have so many more HP and higher defenses to reduce the initial hit too.

Yeah I think you’re right. In all honesty I don’t see this being too viable for those same reasons. So far I’ve been able to stay above 2400 cups. So I’m down 200-ish. But Margaret is still growing and I’ll have some emblems for her. Anyone have thoughts on which direction to go? Her attack is so high and def so low… I’m thinking to do balanced so her def stays low enough to get a better dodge. But get a little higher so she has some survivability.

Since an old vid of mine was linked above in this topic I can show what I’m currently running with Margaret as I also wanted to use her:

Couple weeks in its a good laugh running this as it wins a lot more than I expected (losses are costly so probably a 2500 defence if I leave it for some time). While not a vFast team it aims to use JF to get snipers in 1 shot range, I don’t have a better blue option so Frida it is. Margaret I think must be a source of frustration for those whose rng is not lucky.

Margaret’s emblems:

Nice! Thanks for sharing. Especially the emblem path.

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