Very annoying feature

sorry for my English.
Its not a bug but more an annoying feature.

  1. In war when I pick someone to fight I pressed accidently “go to fight” with 2 heroes or none full team instead of pressing “check the defense” which is next to “go to fight” button. it already happened twice for me.
    I am always checking the defense because I cant remember the defense perfectly when I choose. and sometime it happens out of rush then I press “go to fight” which is the right button instead of the left button “checking the defense”. this is so frustrating because I am screwing my alliance and my war score! please fix it by asking if I am sure if I want to fight with none full team if the system detect none full team before entering the war fight. the “checking” button and “go to fight” button being next to each other can make crucial difference.
  2. also an annoying feature. in raids when I lose a match and I want to fight the same member later you have to press 3 buttons. (compared to press 1 button when I lose and want to fight the same guy immediately). in the past I remember that this feature was not exist. (pressing 3 buttons just to stay fighting the same guy later).

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