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hello I’m not in the beta and I do not understand why many of my friend receive an email with the invitation link and I’m still waiting … I put a lot of money in this game and I am a very very active player of the seven days departed.the half of my alliance is in the beta except me…please send me the link of invitation please I want to be aware of all the news and be able to bring my help on the forum small giant

@Reubeucop42i No duplicate Posts!

One of them was closed already because of that!
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You aren’t a seven days departed player. Stop.

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Hi i’m a seven days departed player so i want 2 royal tabards and a peperoni pizza.

Not cold, thank you.


He is in 7DD and i knew he was when i read the thread, i also wouldnt have doubted otherwise unless i looked in game and had proof he’s not. So that remark irked me a bit.

Although a player’s alliance and beta shouldn’t be correlated enough to simply get into beta based on alliance affiliation. Does it happen? We’ll never know but wouldn’t be surprised.

Well from my understanding reubeu, you’ll just have to go through the application process when beta reopens. Only way i know of to get in. Or talk to zero or anchor about any other way they might know. With so many 7D being in beta, I’m surprised you had to come to the forum to find out how to get into beta.

Anyways that’s all i got, best of luck reubeu

Have you applied to the beta @Reubeucop42i? If so then you’ll just have to wait. Took about a month before I got a definite answer I was in.


thank you very much for your answer however I already send several message to SG saying that the link of the beta on the forum is still inactive. I just wanted to receive an invitation in my inbox with the link as received a lot of people … I will wait for the link as you ask me … sorry for the inconvenience … thanks again

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I do not know where to apply the link is always close

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It’s no problem, hope you make it in, best of luck

If the link is closed, then that means they’re not accepting new members. Maybe they made exceptions for some of your teammates? Or maybe they applied through the link at a different time than when you have tried?


people get a direct link for the beta I thought I could receive it too … I’m sorry for the decay

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No worries. Maybe mods or devs will pop up here to help you out.

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7DD is such a closed group of high end players I couldn’t imagine 1 of only 30 of these elite players would actually ask the forums for a special link to beta. Seemed like a total misunderstanding of what beta is that it couldn’t possibly come from 7DD. Unless I’m the one mistaken about beta.

I will just like to become a beta tester

Wouldn’t we all. But why should 7DD get special links to beta?

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7dd did not create anything at all you did not understand my message

I’m just surprised to see a real 7DD player in the forums asking for special treatment. Not a good look.

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I do not ask for a special treatment I just ask to become beta tester like a lot of person in the game

Added some red pepper to Keep it HOT HOT HOT!


Honestly if you look at a lot of threads from 7D players, mentioning their alliance name is a pretty common tactic to get their point across.

Think in this case he’s simply stating that a lot of his teammates are in Beta, and inquiring why he can’t be as well. Think there’s a bit of a language barrier though.

And 7D does have a decent amount of players in beta so his alliance name was a bit relevant as far as knowing how many teammates he has in beta.

I didnt notice any real malicious intent. I see players giving spending as a reason they should qualify for beta or saying they have teammates in beta so they’d like to be as well, doesnt make it the right approach but if his alliance name was different or not in mentioned in his thread, then i think we would see different reactions.

Not a 7D fanboy, just try to keep things fair


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