Version 63 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

Perfect 10 Summon

  • Chance to do a Perfect 10 summon only in the 10x summon
  • Includes a random Seasonal Legendary hero and Bonus items
  • Can only occur once every 24 hours
    :thinking: WHAT IT IS @Petri @EmpiresPuzzles

Troop Sacrifice XP boost

This change will go live on Dec. 19, 10:00 UTC

  • All troops will now give more XP when sacrificed
  • Cheaper leveling - the food cost per sacrificed troop when leveling up an Epic Troop now increases by only 2000 per level, instead of the old figure of 5500
  • Goal is to lower the time and resources required for leveling up troops
    Which version went through beta, or none of them?
    Could you tell us the values?
    @EmpiresPuzzles @Petri

    The team’s response was prompt and informative.
    Thanks for the clarification

Here is it:

Epic troop leveling the Food per level increase is changed from 2000 to 2500 as per V63 announcement update.

The 2000 version was Beta tested:


I don’t see any change to troops XP and it’s passed the announced time.

@NikolayVKazakov Still 10 minutes to go…

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So it’s in 8 minutes

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Seven minutes to go…


Just five minutes left for all you impatient people. :grin:


Business tip: never let others know that you are waiting for something. They will charge you more in the furture.


Guess my time conversion is wrong hehe

Dear everybody, please don’t crash the server in two minutes time :pray:

Type UTC time in Google Search and it shows the correct time

Fortunately I’m in the UK in GMT timezone which equals UTC :smiley:

It’s 10:00 !

I don’t see anything different. The costs are the same for me.

Maybe 19th december 2024 is what they meant


It is always delayed so you guys still surprised :grin: ?

(Yesterday HOTM buff is also 2 hours delayed)

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Maybe the good old “exit and reload” is required ? :smiley:

Please don’t be another “technical issue” :man_facepalming::confounded:

Troop exp balance is up, but as i see, they just doubled the previous exp values

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There it is. Unfortunately, every troop got 2x boost. It’s still good imo.

Updated for me now, it was 104k ham and 1600xp for this level 18 troop using a 4* trainer troop, now it’s 53,500 ham and 3200xp