Version 63 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

Version 63 is now released:

You can discuss it here.


Did they forget to include the Hero Academy changes in the build or only in the forum post?


They were not part of the Beta release notes either.
So they might arrive as well, but I can ask them.

I also miss the Tavern of Legends updates.


This update makes troop leveling easier than it’s ever been before.

I consider this a farming QOL update. Easier troop leveling means I’ll have stronger troops. Stronger troops means farming PVE is quicker than before. Small improvements but making autoplay take less time is a big win to me.


Legendary Troop portal on 2 Jan 2024!!!

Only a few days more to cheaper troop feeding! Woo hoo!

Will wait for firm news on HA changes. Heh heh


I have sent Staff a message with a question about it, and more details about which version of Legendary Troops will be released.


As someone who has been holding off on leveling troops til the update, glad to see I only have another week or so before that part is live. That is definitely an improvement I’m happy with


so no news about what is final decision of max level of legendary troops? 30? 40?50?

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Read two messages above, you got the answer :grimacing:


only new 5* heroes for Seasons of Love, no 3* and 4*. meh. will probably save my EHT for a portal where I’m more likely to get something (i.e., a 4*)

Owl Tower follows similar patterns as other events, more 5*, very few 3* and 4*. so… fine. not surprised by that anymore.

yay for Troop Sacrifice Boost. boo for Legendary Troops, but whatever.

Perfect 10 summon: chances of it happening are too low for me, so won’t partake.


Hm… The best Feature in the Beta test for F2p was the free pull for watching an Add.

I guess that feature was to good to be in the live Game

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Earlier I have put the “Will we have Mystic Summon ?” also to my questions for Staff in mod hat.


I won’t say they added “nothing,” but it is funny that most of it takes affect mid to late December and early January.

I step away again until I hear something about a different bug.

I don’t know if this is a bug or intended, but I’ve updated game to v63 an hour ago. After that I noticed that my C2 2LB Rigard no longer has 1006 hero power but 970. I’m reading the forum regularly and never saw anything like this was mentioned to happen in this version.
Has anyone else noticed reduced hero power after the update?


Is the perfect 10 summon live now? Would like more information on what exactly that means.


Yeah, I just saw that my C2 LI Xiu dropped from 999 to 964 power. This better be a bug that can be fixed, cause if not, gonna be really upset

Edit: just made a topic in bugs&issues about it


Good, hopefully they will fix it. It’s really not fair to do such a thing, especially to older heroes that are useless without costumes and their bonuses. I don’t have a picture before the change but I’ll upload the one with dropped power.


I have installed the new version and the recruits needed are still 100 / 150 for the 2* / 3* troops.

Ever since one update stopped me from doing mystic visions I wait till the last minute to do updates.

may i ask what are the hero academy changes?