Version 61 discussion thread

Note to @BobTheSnark

in my last post the final section should have been enclosed in a <sarcasm> tag.


Fair enough, and thank you for clarifying!

I just… wanted to respond directly and try to nip any such argument in the bud, in the case that SG or its apologists might want to take “Omegas are Rares” as some veneer of justification.

— I mean, we’ve already seen that SG apparently heard our request for more and seems to have used it as a flimsy rationale to offer us less, so at this point I’m not feeling completely confident in my ability to spot sarcasm vs. sophistry.

Apologies if I overreacted, but I also don’t want a lampoon to become a serious argument either.


Came here wondering the same. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels a bit misled.


No balance update for October?

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An update to Version 61.0.1 was available in Google Play Store earlier - but now it’s disappeared. :confounded:

Did anyone download it? (It was quite large.)

Not to mention. The November hero of the month (for 2023), is literally the same holy hero from puzzle combat. SG just copy and pasted that hero’s artwork and change her element.

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Oggi tre ore fa hanno fatto aggiornamento e non riesco più ad entrare con il secondo account ma possibile che non ne fanno una giusta? Inaccettabile.

I have seen a new version appearing and disappearing in Google Play Store over the last few days.

Is anyone else having problems with the new Version 61.0.1 ?

I still don’t understand why people voted for wednesday for rare quests, it was such an obviously bad choice. Meanwhile thursday and friday are barren of quests.


Hero league- It’s ok. I’ve thought it would use different flags.

I like AQ.

I like Black Friday expect it uses gems. I wish there was a different way other than gems to pull from it.

I’m already not liking these toon costumes.

Nice troop qol. Not liking the ideas of 5* troops.

Leave the heroes alone!

I also can’t login to my second account! What is going on? Not supported anymore or just a bug?

There has been no announcement that this is deliberate. (Not that that means much these days :frowning_face: )
FWIW I don’t think they would do such a thing as it would have a huge effect on many, many players at all levels.
It also seems odd, if it were to be true, to introduce it with such a minor update - it’s now even a 0.1 update but 0.0.1.

Flagging our mods (and staff) just to raise this issue into their visible threshold.
@PlayForFun @Dudeious.Maximus @petri

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I was able to make it work again following this guide


This was already reported,and forwarded to Staff again:


Interesting they leave this unedited, even though they had decided to change it before release…

General thoughts on toon/costumes:

  • I wish they had made in-game reasons for these toon costumes (and all past classic s1, really) to exist.

  • S1, C1 has the “story” from Costume Chamber - going to a costume party and bandits stole their outfits. S1C2/S1Toon/S2/S3/S4/CF1/ToL heroes have been given no explanation for their existence

  • I think the player base would accept these more if we were given a toon version of s1 - Vivica finds a strange portal in the castle, they go through and they’re taken to a toon land, with toon dragons, a toon Dark Lord, and all.

  • Untold Tales would have been a good place to introduce a story behind the costumes for S1/S2 heroes, but they already blew that…


Me too (on the V61 Beta thread).


Probably not a conscious choice - more likely a lack of resources.
The more you have to rush to get things done at the last minute, the more things will be overlooked and more mistakes are likely to be made.


Strange things happening in this version. :thinking:

Version 61.0.1 appeared and disappeared from Google Play Store on more than one occasion.

Version 61.0.2 arrived but that has now disappeared and the version currently available has reverted back to 61.0.0 again

Me on iOS. Updating to 61.0.2 now.

Strange things are. I got mindless attack on Ludwig but i don’t know where it came from. It didn’t matter… Butt it we weird… I really don’t want to record all my hits…