Version 60 Discussion thread

they used to allow you to skip the ascension mats and aethers with a tome on the last level of a limit break

but no more.

you will need the aethers for that level


Just pondering the Goblins again. With the family bonus;

  • Family Bonus for 1/2/3+ Heroes:
    • Each time this Hero takes damage from an enemy’s Special Skill, removes 30%/60%/100% boosted health from all enemies

And the fact that people who get one get a bonus Goblin for free, does that mean if I use a hit all hero against a team with 2 Goblins, I lose 120% of Boosted Health?

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you will loose 60% boosted health

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Even though im hitting 2 x Goblins who each have the family bonus?

1.goblin in team 30%////2 goblin in team 60%////3 goblin in team 100% boosted health from all enemiesand this is maximum

The action is only fired once, regardless of how many times it might qualify to be activated. That’s true throughout the game.

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Thanks for clarifying. Feels like my overhealers got nerfed :rofl:

Same here… I’ll get hathor to 4.80 today… Barely enough time to test drive her before she goes of the cliff.

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Lol sounds like football gave 110%

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Sad to say it would not have surprised me one bit if that oversight was made when the Goblins went live. My heroes on minus health :rofl:

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Coins for 1.8 summons for goblins quest?
@Petri I smell the greedyness

The f2p community says thanks you for sure!

Yeah, you get 1 pull and a faint odour of the 2nd pull.

Start looking down the back of the sofa for a few coins that may have dropped down there so you can take a 2nd swing at 0.4% odds :joy:


Yeah and then all of a sudden you have 100/100 in FS and you discover there a line of tc20, 4y old crap from events, old hotms that have miserable states and the cherry (stinky fish) on the top of it

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I might reread the patch notes, but did this update come with that fancy/shiny border whenever you pull or retrain a Legendary hero? I’ve noticed it lately and don’t think Epic heroes or Rare heroes have the same shine.