Version 60 Discussion thread

ok everyone, have at it!


random thoughts:

  1. this is a lot to digest, I’ll wait and see how things play out

  2. Dodge got a bit of a buff: my Margaret is happy. I think my buff stealers (Diaochan, Xiahou Dun) and my pre-dispellers/buff blockers (c-Sabina, Franz) just got more important too…

  1. More Mystic Vision, I think? always a good thing, considering how rewarding MV has been, as evidenced by the MV Don’t Stop Believing thread

New “mechanics” that completely disable old heroes, that some spent fortunes for, and others were extremely lucky to pull.

Great, next we need Mega Grimble
Then Mega Fiends.
So that we can stop using old heroes and start pulling for new ones.
Then the answer for our useless old heroes is a costume you have to pull from a portal to use… just another new creep then, that waits for the next portal to counter it.

These gacha mechanics care nothing for loyal customers. I’m increasingly of the opinion that old customers are in the way. Speed bumps…
Need to run them off and find that fresh meat.
New Megalodons and their mega CC’s.

Why is it too much to ask for new mechanics that bring variety to the game, instead of repackaged old mechanics that are dangerously Over Powered?

I don’t check-in much.
Are you moderating @sleepyhead ? :laughing::+1:


Missed opportunity to fix Green Knight…


It’s been a full year since:

Green Knight’s fate is not exclusive

people use margaret???


Nothing about Aramis, high five :raised_hand:


People use what they have.

Parking her dodge next to a taunter versus heavy damage served me well, on offense. The tile damage was nothing to sneer at.

I still gotta use what’s in my roster…

And read stuff like this:

We all use what we have…

What’s the point of developing a roster, ascending it, giving it emblems, limit breaking it, limit breaking it again, if it’s going to be completely disabled by "new mechanics" ?
That are actually repackaged old mechanics


I’ve gotta say, the number of level <50 players with fully LB2’d versions of the latest and greatest that I come up against in PVP - many with high level troops - does seem to suggest they might be very happy with this strategy.

Meanwhile, the forum alliance recruitement posts show the bottom is falling out of the bucket.

I’ll play until I don’t enjoy it anymore, but I’ve curtailed my spending.

It must be exhausting at the very top. I never liked cup-dropping before but I’ve started to do it to add more variety to my raiding. (and come across some of the class-specific PoG tasks)


where i’m at, my spending follows the same suit. i spend on what entertains me, once it stops entertaining me, the spending stops as well.

obviously the game’s popularity isn’t what it once was but that’s to be expected i suppose. trends come and go, see no plausible fix for it other than just do with what’s here and make the best of it.


Now that Cleanse Block cannot be cleaned, Ailment Blockers will be even more important.

Let’s see if this is modified in the near future.

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Right? Ultimately, we can vent and moan as a userbase but the game has a fairly obvious direction and there’s very little we can do to change it.

Costumes caused uproar. They postponed them for a month or two and then slipped them in anyway.
Big Balance Update caused uproar. They stuck to only doing stats and are now gradually making the other changes.

We all have have every right to let off steam amongst fellow-players, but if you’re not enjoying it then why are you playing it? Although it increasingly feels less like it, it IS a GAME - it’s meant to be relaxing and enjoyable - not a cause of broken phones.


V60 brings with it new mechanics that we’ll all struggle to get and will cause more than a few moments of frustration and posts like “why didn’t x do y when I did z” and then someone else will point out the new passives and then there’ll be more calls for buffs. Etc.

Amongst all of this, there are gradual positiive changes. I do like the double MV. There isn’t enough QoL focus, but there won’t be any more. How much can you spend DAILY if you wanted to?

Play with the hand you’re dealt and play to enjoy.


There are only 2 (bard) heroes that this effect unless I’m missing something?

And arguably this is how it should’ve been from release. A small buff for heroes with this effect will have almost zero meta effect.

costumes, emblems, alchemy lab, hero academy, 1&2* tournaments, hmm i know there’s others i’m leaving out…

basically since 2017 i’ve got to the point where i expect an uproar of some kind at every update release lol

have even jumped in the pile myself at times but yea it ends up just waste of time, doesn’t change anything. SG will do what it thinks is best to make more money, we’ll buy or we won’t but obviously vocal feedback and this strange virtue signaling phenom isn’t changing anything. i won’t encourage people to spend or not spend, that’s an individual’s choice and not my place to influence one way or another.

Personally, i just wanna flip tiles, win what i can as much as i can, talk :poop: , have fun, drop some benjamins along the way… what others do is their business…


Yeah - I could have said ‘the list goes on’! Tellygate…

I’ve “only” been playing since 2019 (looking back at some of the ‘version updates’ threads and realising I’ve been playing for over 35 releases was quite chastening) but it’s enough to have seen so much anger (and had lots of fun).

It’s easy to get caught up in the anger and the hysteria but, yeah, spot on. Sometimes it’s nice to just chat in the alliance and miss out on the hornet’s nest the forum can be.


Still waiting for hippo adjustment…

More Hippo or less Hippo?

Lessssssssss gurdian hippo…

Just stop. Hippo’s already old. All the crying about nerfing heroes that people have only to turn around and cry to nerf heroes they don’t have. Absolutely ridiculous.


beta testers asked for some other name other than mega minions. This caused enough confusion among the testers that I’m worried for the average player that doesn’t read this qualifier before encountering mega minion heroes.

This is a negative quality of life implementation.