Version 58 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

There’s no season 6, but we got a season 2 expansion with its own stages, heroes, portal and tokens/coins :thinking:

Also, I don’t know why people expected SE information on a NEW VERSION RELEASE NOTES.

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You shouldn’t…I’m glad that’s clear enough for you and no further clarification is needed. But had it not been clear enough, you’d need a clarification…you know, further context/detail on top of what’s been initially given…as no one actually says “clarify clearly” for the first piece of info given. :wink:

You misunderstood. I too need clarity as they worded their example in a confusing manner…


@Petri you should have given an example using Almur, how does he interact since he has a HR that is really low. Makes it easier to understand as well. I have no idea what any of this means, except that it is now closer to how first round beta cuts health

Yeah, what, the Big Imbalance Update wasn’t enough, the whole you-may-or-may-not-get-a-Soul-Exchange-ever-again thing wasn’t enough, but making Covenant bosses harder?

I’m sorry, was anyone actually asking for that? What problem does that solve, other than the “problem” of “we really need to make even more players feel increasingly hopeless about their rosters if they aren’t full of all the latest releases?”

Also allow me to not be holding my breath for Path of Giants. PoV dailies are already an annoyance, and now we’ll have a second set of “but thou must!” hoops to jump through?


Because @Petri and staff have gone so silent on the matter that maybe folks are wondering if (1) there is something wrong or (2) some major overhaul were in progress to explain why we are getting a lot of nothin’ with a big side of radio silence.

[Edit to add] Ah, an obvious rule patch for the potential “infinite Griffex mana” issue

Finallly, if we are getting “expansion packs” to existing seasons (in this case, Atlantis), then may I dust off my suggestion that fully completing a season should result in ONE 5* hero guaranteed from that season? The suggestion could be tweaked to “anyone who has fully completed all Normal and Hard stages of a season and its expansion pack” or the like.


Thanks for clarifying. The facepalm emoji made it seem like something else. My apologies.

The way it works in “my head” is that if the target has boosted health of any amount, it will hit twice…once to affect the boosted health and once to affect max health.

Now, if the boosted health is less than what the hit is for, it just clears it outright….200 boosted is hit by a 300 hit that reduces max health…call it an even swap…then then next part it hits like normal 300 hit that reduces max health leaving it at 700 out of 700.

Let’s say you have 1000 health with another 400 boosted and you’re getting hit with a 300 hit that reduces max health…

First part would leave a 100 and 2nd would bring regular health to 700. But because you still had 100 left over from the boosted health, your max health will now be 800/800.


I guess the Covenant Quest is now not worth doing anymore imo. Not like Covenant Summons was of any value to me either.


Yeah, everyone in these forums was begging for a more stressful and less fun Covenant event.

Endless threads and SG finally listened! Hopefully, it requires MORE effort for the SAME rewards!


When summoning any non legendary with costume it was adding 2x to FS…
Ex. Summon dava with costume you’ll get +2 to FS, they going to fix it

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I don’t understand why everyone cry about covenant bosses?
Finally there’s some quest that you actually need to play not using auto play button and people complain about the fact that the game isn’t easy… Amazing
I’d make few more quests like that instead of having all the iron/food/exp/etc quests so players will actually start playing and got challenge and not make the game “auto play” idle style!


For f2p when you get no other choose, isn’t it? At least 2 summons to fill the FS bar with chance of getting 5*?

A tip o’ the snark hat to you, sir, for this.

I would add “MORE effort for EVEN LESS rewards,” but given my pulls at the Covenant portal, I’m fairly certain that at least for me personally, that would be… difficult.

I mean, it’s not enough that SG combined a frustrating event with a dismally disappointing portal — the latter of which just sometimes pops up as a pure summon-for-cash event without the event at all — but that it would be too rewarding to get the disappointment of Covenant coins over with immediately after grinding the event to get them. Oh no. You gotta wait and build up anticipation for the inevitable letdown! But now, Covenant will be even more miserable of an event…

…almost like SG wants us to look forward to the times when there is a Covenant portal without the event :face_with_monocle:

Because a lot of us don’t have InstaWin heroes that let us play events on auto?

I mean, I don’t play

  • Challenge events
  • Tower events
  • Alliance quests
  • Tavern of Legends
  • Costume Chamber
  • Super Duper Ultra Double-Secret Elemental quests
  • Mythic Titan-Item-Draining
  • Monster Island
  • raids, wars, tourneys, W3K
  • even the last stages of Omega or Class emblem quests

on auto, much less Covenant.

I mean, if your roster is so good that you can auto many or even all of those… congratulations? I guess? But be aware that compared to many players, you effectively have something like “God Mode” if you do.


Cool. Thanks

Ever going to fix Margaret’s dodge?
It’s been

9 months



I’ve never used auto-play on anything except Rare Stage 2 of the challenge events to farm for XP and I have a fair amount of the top heroes in the game.

I breeze through the events and will continue to do so either way. Most players don’t have my roster.

Also, making a “nerf” change without a corresponding buff to rewards is a curious move to make.

EDIT: Let’s say you’re right and the event was “too easy”. With all the problems in this game that need addressing, why was this a priority?


You’re getting 2 pulls? If I’m lucky to finish the quest, I’ve only been able to do one and then the portal practically opens twice a month. And those Monster Island heroes (like the Super Elementals) are not worth 400 gems OR 100 coins. Neither do the S1 heroes I end up getting without either primary or secondary costumes included.

You do single summons with gems?!

:heart: = health: in the example a fully healed hero would have 1000/1000 health
:heart_decoration: = boosted health
:cupid: Max health reduction: acts first against boosted health and then again towards the sum of health and boosted health, affecting boosted health first

1000/1000 :heart: 1000 :heart_decoration:
-300 :cupid: =
1000/1000 :heart: 400 :heart_decoration:

1000/1000 :heart: 400 :heart_decoration:
-300 :cupid: =
800/800 :heart: 0 :heart_decoration:

1000/1000 :heart: 0 :heart_decoration:
-300 :cupid: =
700/700 :heart: 0 :heart_decoration:


I think we all need guideline, introduction and explanation for this, please. @PlayForFun


Got same question too… does that mean if the first stage requires a team cost of 1800, my team adds up cannot exceed 1800? So now they word it as its a ‘cap’ and not ‘required of at least’.

You are confusing Team Power to Team Cost. Team Cost is this one