Version 56 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

Can hatter steal superior emblem bonus!! I don’t know the answer!!!

Definitely yes :wink:

Think so!!!
I can be wrong :wink: So don’t believe :sweat_smile:

Theres other games out there like e&p that are extremely more liberal with rewards, actually communicate and listen to their player base, and dont do this jsut 1 up the last hero hy a wide margin, unfortunately cant say it in here but my discord and line id’s are in my profile if interested.

Cuz yeah today after war i left my alliance and the game, hard thing to do after going on 4 years. Unfortunately the devs dont seem to care about the community that revolves around this game.

Theyre already making over 225m $ less per year since 2020 and then everyone’s wondering why theyre flooding the game with ideas and heros that just cost more and more but ppl hate.

:chart_with_downwards_trend: big downtrend in revenue thats why and milk evey last cent they can, might last another couple years or so but make no mistake they’re now loosing $ and we all know what zynga does when games atart going on a downtrend and we’re seeing it now


Yes, I’ve had him steal the Paladin’s extra defense. I don’t think I’ve ever used him in the situation to try to steal the Rogue dodge though. I suspect if aether powers can be dispelled, The Hatter can steal them. So if you are lucky to charge him fast enough, you can take the new aether powers.

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this is a pretty loaded question, beta testers are unpaid volunteers/players, many of whom spend a lot of time and energy on beta testing. you can ask questions without implying that beta testers don’t do their job…

… or better yet, ask staff, whose job it is to create and program these things into the game… :roll_eyes:


Just because we don’t share every tidbit we come across while testing, it’s pretty rude to assume we do a good or a bad job at testing the game.
Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to address this message to the devs and not to us.


Agree. If player is not satisfied with VOLUNTEER beta testers efforts, the feedback should be sent directly to Zynga via CS tix. Player can then say whatever they want without Forum policing. If enough players send in feedback in the same vein, Zynga can consider changing the VOLUNTEER Beta Tester mix for a better representation, or redefine certain requirements, etc etc.

Otherwise, I think feedback in Forum should be more neutral, along the lines of “was this covered?” Etc.

Expectations would be different if beta testers were paid (something; even a gratuity).


As far as I know, beta testers aren’t even required to share any feedback of their testing with the community. Many people do it voluntarily. But they could share their findings with the devs alone and would still be doing their job.

The sense of entitlement nowadays is puzzling sometimes.


Did players get their free alottment of the new aethers? I didn’t receive anything yet.

Update: NVM just got them


Please, could you tell me another game to substitute E&P?. TY in advance

Go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search under “ Match 3 RPG”.

You will get a list of options ranking from top to bottom.

Go through the list.
Read the reviews.
Pick a few to roadtest by downloading the app
Shortlist the one you prefer
Stick with it for awhile
Then decide if it’s what you want

Yes? => woo hoo, full steam ahead
No? => go search again

My Checklist

Immediate: visuals => graphic quality, colour scheme, artwork

All okay ? => Play Intro

How does the UI feel ? Smooth? Jerky? Patchy ?
How do you like the Intro ?
Is Storyline “standard” or was more effort put into it ?

If you play past Intro, and end up in game proper.
Explore. See whether effort was put into designing the map, play guides, info boxes, etc.

If it’s all good so far, proceed to play further.
Review after a few days. Then decide if this is a possible Plan B.


The sad news continues. Enjoy the extra time and added resources to spend on RL pursuits. I wish you success in future endeavours!


Can’t wait to see the :poop: show of rush war/tournaments

Lud with lb2 flank afrike tank


C Melendor and Hatter would be the perfect combo to take that defense out

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Even you get your 6 tile you can’t nail a win.

twenty and a bit why?

Those blaming BT are poor cases of frustration, immaturity = searching for convenient… easy scapegoat syndrome!
Beta testing results / reports are based on multiple methods & not just BTs giving written feedback.

To help this point, try to remember, how SG has many times shared how actual game play provides them lots of data about heroes, result ratios, dominance, etc etc….

I didn’t want to post a knee jerk response to this update and let things settle, but honestly the more i think on it the worse this update is

First, let’s deal with the gift of the free limit break for one hero to everyone. What a disaster. This will guarantee wars will be broken everywhere except the top alliances. Anyone in an alliance that has a mix of players with varying levels of experience will already know mid tier players can’t knock out top teams. Allowing the top players to have a level 90 tank in wars pretty much breaks this even further and only drive frustration.

As to the additional skills available at 90… this is just nuts. The worse part is some are clearly far more damaging than others. I got extra defence against special skills for 6 turns on my hero. That’s kind of useless if my opponent doesn’t get to fire a special in that time. But counter attack and increased mana gen? Why those have a huge impact and this is clearly unbalanced. And back to the above war situation, how the hell do i beat a level 90 counter attacking tank? I’m already dreading it.

I’m also dreading how many tiles these level 90 heroes absorb. Already an 85 can take a hell of a lot of punishment and not go down, how much will it take to kill a 90?

Ugh. I am trying to see positives here but all i see is more grind and frustration


Maybe…but maybe a new quality of problem solving will come from it.
Against the first strike tank rainbow seems suddenly a lot more attractive.
I dont know if other new counters will be found by the players but we will see…
Just to be clear I am defenitely not a fan of the new aether powers and I expect a lot of “adjustments” but before I say it is complete rubish I want to see how it will work out. :slightly_smiling_face:

The game is all about money! And the last update with the alpha aethers its more about the money! You are not able too beat the heroes who are fully level up. If this game continues like this it will lose a lot off players.
At the beginning this game was fun en also a bit relaxing. But now its more like a frustration!!!

I think your wrong.
Alpha aethers seem to be a new possibility to make mistakes! :slight_smile:
I just beat 3 teams with a level 90 hero in them.
2 Liannas and one Domitia.
It is really suprising what type of heros are raised to level 90 !
We will see how this works out…
So far in lower to med diamond not much has changed. :slightly_smiling_face: