Version 56 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

Small Giant’s strategy is unfathomable to me.

The only way they should be able to get away with this stuff is by satisfying every strata of player. Elite players (those competing for top100 spots, spending real cash heavily) is their main strata, of course, and all lower strata should work towards recruiting for the Elite strata. But Small Giant’s additions are so bad for the F2P/C2P level players, that I don’t understand how they don’t see what this will eventually do. Even if it reaps immediate short-term benefit, the long-term will suffer, because the elite is losing its recruiting grounds as players have such a ridiculous gulf to climb to even compete.

If they truly want to make LB2 the new Elite level standard, make the previous stuff more accessible. Honestly, triple to quadruple the amount of emblems from the emblem quest. Make LB1 Aether quest yield at least double the amounts they currently do. Unlock ways to access older heroes for F2P accounts. No whale is going to want a random S2 hero, but F2P players could very much appreciate a better way to unlock the older heroes. This means that elite players get better, yes, but so do the weaker/F2P/newer players. Everyone is satisfied to some extent; the elite still enjoy their broken LB2 heroes, but the rest of us peasants at least start fighting them with Kageburado-level snipers instead of being stuck on Sartana ad infinitum. I’m not asking for Dark Lord to be available from TC20, just give us -something-. And I mean something reliable, not the trash of the Hero Academy.

Their current strategy specifically caters to the top end and leaves every other tier of player in the dust. It’s incredible how it hasn’t flopped to death already.

  1. now I understand why SG was distributing 5* free through FS and SE!!! With shiny 5* popping up every week, nobody will limit break old heroes which r available free now a days… hence making them so week infront of new shiny lev90 5* as like 4*!!!
  2. now 3* heroes can boosted to lev60, making some more powerful than many 4*!!
  3. now whales will be literally untouchable for lower ranked players who earlier used to beat them with mono teams…

I would have much more preferred that SG spent all this energy and effort on speeding up the release of secondary season one costumes.


I have no words to express my disdain for the the new „ aether powers“.
After the initial release of limit breakers it was clear, we would see a second and maybe third level of limit breaking.
But this new passives ?
Starting a fight with auto taunt or riposte for six turns ?
That will totally break the game as we know, and love, it. It will be something different.
The menetekel are there, Team Korea, the 2nd best alliance in this game, announced fighting their last war today. Many would call them whales, but they can not stand the power creep any longer.
If they stop trying for top position, not only 30 big spenders are cutting their budgets, other top alliances may follow.
I heard a sales representant saying „you should not slaughter your costumers, but milk them often“. SG has milked some of them so hard they are „dying“ from exhaustion.
Reduce the power creep, delay and redesign 2nd aethers, or you risk slaughtering the cow which otherwise could be milked for years to come.

Happy gaming


I’m sure they rely on the results (i.e. data) They just don’t rely much on player opinion.

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Made my day.
But sadly true…

I’m glad I could at least add some humor to the situation… though I’m also not very happy about those new aether powers…


When this goes live will be my last day playing the game as i already stated when the details came out and overwhelming % voted hate it but SG zynga and take two dont give a F**k it seems at all anymore about what thier player base thinks, its summons summons summons, run till the wheels fall off.
I already told my alliance mates in our line group, but i also made it very public that this would be my line i wont cross, so unless this goes live during a war thatll be it for me for the foreseeable future.

It really is gut wrenching, the community has been amazing, my fellow alliance mates are wonderful, but i cant in good conscience keep supporting these devs (even if im f2p now for a while i generate $ through MV) that care extremely little if at all anymore about player enjoyment, QoL changes and just making the game more progressive and interesting.

I hope I’ve given back to the community all ive gotten out of it. But if i keep going past this when i absolutely hate the idea and all that it represents about the devs and where they’re going with the game, and i cant not cross that line in the sand i drew then its more of an addiction to playing then it is enjoyment.

This makes me very sad, i was hoping against hope SG would look at the votes on all this and realize “hey maybe we shouldn’t do this after all” but once again nope, they just keep pushing that envelope.

Countless times they’ve now done this and other shady stuff that any good business that wasnt a mobile game would have done itd be bankruptcy, but unfortunately this game totally preys on people’s inherent gambling fix and thats exactly why its called “gacha”.

I cant and wont support them anymore.

Thanks SG for ruining something ive put 4 years+ of my life into, built good friendships and all that, your greed is absolutely endless like making 500 million dollars wasnt enough for you. You really did sell the soul of this game to the devil.

Anyways, to my fellow players, you all have been amazing. Im gonna miss it very much. :heart: :broken_heart:


Have no fear! I am sure he will be released in the beastly form that he last appeared in beta.
You can spend tons to get him, buy trainer heros and books and 4* mats and aethers and now even Alpha Aethers to level him up really quickly.

After the portal closes however, SG’s “metrics” will show that he is doing quite a bit better than they expected, (because I believe it is a third party that summarizes beta feedback and their email probably goes directly to SG staff’s spam) and they will nerf him into the ground.

Yes, all your money, time, and effort will be made pretty useless. Because they will be surprised at how well he performs!

Good times ahead!

If anyone who has played a long time, and spent, looks at their roster, they will see 4-80 heros with no emblems. And these are probably early levels. Heroes you maxed before you knew better, heros you maxed to try and solve a problem, and heros that used to be good, but now just no longer are.

The worst ones are the 4-85 heros with no emblems, because those were more costly mistakes.

But the thing you will notice most is that the heros that are 4-85 are newer. Heroes that you maxed after limit breakers were introduced. Not all, it’s true, but I would go as far as to say most.

So, without reset tokens that return aethers, and at least some of the food and feeders, more and more of your 4-85 heroes will lose their emblems, and sit mocking you, and you grind to take your newer shinier heros to 90.

Some of these will have been your own mistakes, and many of them will have been SG’s when they nerf them in such a way to make them less than useful in any aspect of the game.

It is a frustrating thing to consider.

I think something that is being overlooked are overhealers that we all tried hard to get, and we leveled and limit broke, and leveled again, and then we emblemed, are now not as great as they were. Fixed amounts of heal kind of sucks when you increase all heroes health. Defense teams will be getting the extra attack stats, so we will all need to think about the healers we take to 90 to try to survive.

SG should buff all of that, but most of all, make reset tokens available.


you definitely have @OGdirty1Kanobi … I will miss you :frowning:


Will miss collaborating with you for those RT numbers.

Enjoy your journey ahead without EP. May it be fruitful, productive and fulfilling.


We’ll miss you so much :pleading_face:

Enjoy your RL!


You will be missed by many here in the forum and the game …
I think the new aether skills will be the straw that breaks the back of the camel for a number of players …
I don’t understand why SG Zynga have ignored the positive suggestions made in Beta to improve this new stuff prior to rollout into live game … it’s both frustrating and shameful…
I wish you well in your future endeavours. Take care of yourself and have lots of fun using your new found “time” - use it wisely and never look back


This is what I came here for. Also about Merlin’s costume. Can’t find it on here anywhere

Here you go :slight_smile:


You are the best.


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When the Fated Summons refreshes, do we start from 0 again or will the count stand and carry?




Time to quit!!!
At last, these buggers have done it (thrown the player community under the bus).
Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, et all - here I come.

It’s been a mixed bag for 2.5 years - enjoyed the game, burnt some serious dough, finally bugged with the insatiable greed!

Bye, all! All the best!


Loads and loads of games out there. Have fun finding your new plaything.

My new game keeps me very busy. :joy: