Version 56 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

Thank you! I’m fine with only seeing it after first LB but can understand if people want to see it before that.

Thank you beta testers for attempting to communicate to SGG about this idea. As others have said, my biggest issue is the portal paywall for these aethers.

Since that announcement I have been testing some other games and think I found one to migrate to now if this becomes the cluster I expect it to be… I’m willing to give it a go and see how it becomes when live, but the escape plan is made.

I am more surprised with how soon this is released given SGG themselves even notes there would be unintentional synergies with the aether powers… Oh well game will go on with or without me.


To be honest some of the aether skills you may not want for a hero you have already invested heavily in…

As an example “Gamble” an effect like Wu Kong etc

Our thinking was that players may want the opportunity to reclaim the aethers from one of their LBd heroes to invest in another hero in their roster that has more desirable aether skills following implementation of the 2nd LB


Moor details pls how many needed to lb again? Are they color specific how many do we get from quests and what are the skills?

This game needs a lot of improvements, not only heroes. The title image is the same since 5 years ago, and the aesthetic is a bit (a lot) obsolete at all.
Where is the new bulding they promised? Where are the new stronghold levels?


This causes my 25 fully 5* heroes to suddenly suffer a huge nerf, since if they are fully nerfed and can fight equally with any opponent, those 25 heroes will now be 5 levels below their maximum potential. I will have to feed them again for a year, to get to the same point that I am now, with 25 at the maximum. That is to say, suddenly, they make a Nerf to my team that it will take me a year to recover the same position that I have now


Everyone is talking about Alpha Aethers but I want to know about the new hero Green Knight Is that the real name and also does it do similar to Black Knight Also is the Guinevere costume going to make her feared in battle again


The Beta Beat Topics are always full of interesting information. If you like to read up on that stuff before release I would recommend adding an alert for ‘beta-beat’ tagged topics. You can have it set to notify you only when a new Topic is created, not when anyone posts under said topic :nerd_face::nerd_face:


Thanks, forgot those were a thing


If you search “aether” you will see a topic for aether powers and one for aether summons.

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I really hope these ppl will understand that there is nothing that brings new folks inot such a tedious process and it gets frustrating for regular players. But this gamemaker will not listen to players and will release non user friendly features. Game is now just crushing all forms of enjoyment.

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I have nothing against alphas, but doesn’t all this just contribute to a bigger gap between the donating players and the fun players? :thinking:

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From an F2P perspective:
there is enough resources to ascend all the heroes you manage to pull, maybe it takes some time, but getting new heroes also takes time.
And I don’t understand why, if you spend lots of money to chase a new hero, you don’t want t spend some more money to ascend them faster - all the resources needed to ascend a hero can be bought.


Thank you Zynga!

  1. For making it easier for me to dial down even more for this game, consequently reducing my spend. If this is what you intended, then it is Working As Intended.

  2. For finally acknowledging that the Covenant Quest had a “bug”: mana pick up for the Event was faster than “intended”.

This “bug”, whether intended or accidental (I very much doubt this), has caused undue stress to enough players.

Will Zynga be sending out compensation to all players?

  1. For adding yet More gambling to this game: Gamble for Alpha Aethers in the Aether Portal.

Zynga dedicated resources to coding another portal when the solution is much easier, but won’t make as much revenue:

• Shift Alpha Aether Passive to Level 100
• Have players earn 100 Alpha Aether shards to convert to Aethers
• Receive shards from Loot, MV, etc. It’s not easy to accumulate 100 shards when drop is only 1-5 shards each time, when RNG is in player’s favour.
• Time Shard conversion with Mirage Quest.

  1. For officially buffing Queen GW post release. I hope that my copy will be levelled eventually, bearing in mind (1) above.

It’s incredible that a money gaining new feature is implemented with only one beta, hero after hero gets released but it’s seems impossible to make a no spending event like monster island available to the community again. We’re now waiting for 4 month for a second appearance.
But use your resources to create such crap like alpha ethers. Well done. Do you really think you players are blind. The way you “satisfy” your players makes me wondering that so many are left.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this dragon feature will be postponed to next year or we’re never going to to see it.


Yeah … The new Aether powers is going to mess this game up for loads of players … I dont mind a fight or challenge but yah got taunt and riposte active before you even battle …


Yeah dont sound fun to me :wave:


I can confirm that it really wasn’t fun in Beta …. But I am resigned to the fact that it’s happening and we will have nerfs in the future when new synergies are discovered….


There too many synergies that can happen its impossible to nerf every hero, i get it happens both ways offence and defence …

Problems are small alliances in a war or medium alliances in war … Some can have a few high level players … If they lb2 on certain heros its gonna be pain for lower folk in the alliance to clean … Or do damage maybe …

Some folk just like to play when yah start moving the goal posts it gonna be annoying.

Majority of folk dont like rush war image the extra annoying problem this will bring .

Sure they may have counters if you can LB2 heros thats if folk can do that … This will break the game


Well, people decide what’s correct or not in this game. For me, this is is not. So I can do as much as I can: Not spending and 1* on Google Play for those 5* and LB/Nerfing all heroes.


Small Giant’s strategy is unfathomable to me.

The only way they should be able to get away with this stuff is by satisfying every strata of player. Elite players (those competing for top100 spots, spending real cash heavily) is their main strata, of course, and all lower strata should work towards recruiting for the Elite strata. But Small Giant’s additions are so bad for the F2P/C2P level players, that I don’t understand how they don’t see what this will eventually do. Even if it reaps immediate short-term benefit, the long-term will suffer, because the elite is losing its recruiting grounds as players have such a ridiculous gulf to climb to even compete.

If they truly want to make LB2 the new Elite level standard, make the previous stuff more accessible. Honestly, triple to quadruple the amount of emblems from the emblem quest. Make LB1 Aether quest yield at least double the amounts they currently do. Unlock ways to access older heroes for F2P accounts. No whale is going to want a random S2 hero, but F2P players could very much appreciate a better way to unlock the older heroes. This means that elite players get better, yes, but so do the weaker/F2P/newer players. Everyone is satisfied to some extent; the elite still enjoy their broken LB2 heroes, but the rest of us peasants at least start fighting them with Kageburado-level snipers instead of being stuck on Sartana ad infinitum. I’m not asking for Dark Lord to be available from TC20, just give us -something-. And I mean something reliable, not the trash of the Hero Academy.

Their current strategy specifically caters to the top end and leaves every other tier of player in the dust. It’s incredible how it hasn’t flopped to death already.