Version 56 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

You’re right, I misread sth.


Direction of the game is disturbing. It has been like that for long but this bs aethers is just as bad as it gets.

There are plenty of games out there that are totally p2w and EP still has some aspect of those not willing to pay enjoying the game but this bs again thrives for f2p & c2p to quit 1. Cheap spending 2. Playing.

Just sad.


It’s my understanding that aether will be available like the original aether, in quests and loot etc, but with an added aether portal to milk those fat cats big ol’ tiddies

So, May i ask someone who played the Beta or simply knows more than i do for claryfication how this Alpha aether works?

  1. Is this Alpha aether of no colour? (Unlike the aethers for Limit Break 1) So you can lvl one of your heroes instantly with the First Gift?

  2. Beside the pull that nobody Likes, These are the ways to get Alpha aethers:

  • Mirages of Omega quests
  • Rare Wanted Missions
  • Rare Titans
  • Alliance War Chests
  • Mystic Vision

Which means there are more ways to get it than the regular aethers.

If the AA are colourless, then you would get few with every mirages of Omega quest, which would make it way easier.

And the way of optaining it seems easier too, because you couldnt get aether 1 via rare Cheats and Titans nor via aliance war chests and mystic visions?

So to me it seems, they are easier to optain than the first ones and on top of that you have the Portal with the Crystal Pulls.

Don’t get me wrong here, i absolutly doesnt Like the Idea of a 2nd LB and i really hate the Idea of a Portal for These aethers but i don’t think that much people would pull in that Portal anyway and even the whalest of the whales won’t invest much in These Portals as they are simply No Fun and Not rewarding.

But never the less, from the First read, this Alpha aethers seem much easier to come by.

(Again, please correct me If i am wrong. Which i very likley might be)

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Absolutely shocking SG should be ashamed of themselves. GOOD BU EMPIRES


Same. Especially with it being so unpopular, I thought they would at least delay it a bit like they did the previous massively unpopular feature, which I think was costumes for non-S1 heroes. I guess they just decided to rip that band-aid off asap. In fairness, this was coming regardless. We all knew that. Might as well release it now as later. It’s not going to get any more popular, and it’s practically impossible for it to be any LESS popular.

But at what odds? Given that they have an aether-specific portal, I suspect the odds will be about like these tomes that they released a while back. I’ve gotten a total of 3 since they were released. The primary sources of alpha aethers will overwhelmingly be store offers (money) and portal pulls (money). I would love to be wrong about this, but I expect to be maddeningly right.

How is nobody talking about this? We all said this quest was broken as heck, and now SGG is owning up to that very obvious fact, but for the first time that I recall, there was no “hey, sorry we kind of screwed something up and sucked all the fun out of the event” gift… not even a WE flask for all the flags wasted fighting these hyper-mana monsters. A new precedent? Screw ups now get quietly acknowledged long after the fact with no compensation?


You are Most likley right about the low chances of getting these of course.

And the main source my be Money, but even the top players that spend a whole Lot of Money won’t like these 2nd LB fun.

So guess there won’t be a lot of money but a lot of leaving or going f2p instead.

I started a free to Play Account a while Back now and i really enjoy it way more than the one i spent Money on. And with every New “Addition” to the game, i spend less and less time on the former Main Account


I’ve been FTP (except a little Google Play credit earned from surveys here and there), and it can be maddening, but I’ve had just enough luck to keep it rewarding over the course of 4+ years. We’ll see if this 2nd LB changes that. The game being sold so many times in so short a period is not good for it. The pressure to make back the investment quickly is far greater than the pressure to make an engaging, rewarding game that retains players. That’s nobody’s “fault”, just the reality of the situation. And at some point, someone is going to buy this game thinking they got a cash cow, but it’s going to run dry because the players have been squeezed too hard for too long. Not sure when, but it’s going to happen. And that will be sad for a game that I think a lot of us have enjoyed for a long time.


@PlayforFun - You may want to consider wording the future beta beat / character posts, the part about the “don’t get too attached to” or “highly likely to change” parts to what they actually are.

Because, aside from a few rare instances where they were actually different during the live game, they were largely the same as you had posted in the beta threads.


E&P community logic :laughing:


Yes, there were several changes lately in the release heroes.

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I have a question for beta testers. What exactly is your purpose? What do you test? SG basically does whatever it wants, so I mean, why do they need beta testers? They don’t rely on the results of your testing.


looks like SG didn’t listen to beta again, then wtf, aether summon? another quest to get aether coins or something, of course you can spend gems and buy buy buy.

i wish there was something, anything, that SG would do to actually make it looked like they gave an isht about the player base. There have been some good additions, like soul exchange, or fated summon, but that is done so infrequently that it really doesn’t help much. Especially w/ all the new hero releases and power creep/sprint, the fated should be refreshed quarterly (maybe 4 months), and the soul exhange should be every other month.


The best thing about this update is that it eliminates whatever remaining desire I had to spend money on this game.


At this point, beta is mainly here to throw under the bus when SG screws up so long as they can point to even a single person who was not completely opposed to their nonsense.


Its sad but this is how zynga treats the beta testers


Maybe i missed it, but are there any plans for an aether reset token, similar to what we have for emblems? If not, then this update really sucks…


Nope. There are not. And yes, it really does suck. Also, no indication was given in beta that they were even considering an aether reset.


I understand they wouldn’t just scrap a feature they’ve been working on for a while (definitely not looking at some of the promises in the 2022 sneak peek not coming out and then disappearing in this year’s sneak peek), but I would expect SOME hesitation, changes, or a statement with how bad the community outcry has been. I wonder why we vote on these things, and share our opinions, beta testers or not. We haven’t been listened to and I doubt that will just change if they think that money is on the horizon. Even if our community opinion was 100% against these aethers instead of 90% (yeah, 90%…) nothing would change.

SGG, it is worse for you to lose a majority of your casual low-mid-level spenders, than the few whales that there are. This update will probably cause the biggest drop in players we’ve ever seen, and probably deter any new players to join in the future. This update will lose you money. There are top 50 alliances saying they will fully skip these aethers, whether or not they really will I’m not sure, but it doesn’t sound promising.

The amount of love that a lot of the players have for this game, including myself, really makes this update hurt. I don’t want to leave the game, but if I will no longer be able to compete without spending, especially on just the CHANCE for mats when I already don’t spend on mats, then I might have to, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling.


Same. I resisted several purchase-y urges recently because of all this.

I consider spending the same amount of money on a game I play in my actual free time, as opposed to when I’m standing in line &c (which is the time I play E&P).