Version 53 Release Notes & Status Discussion

Lots and lots of new heroes…

Ruining the stability in the game, most top players don’t bother summoning on the events that are re occurring… It’s pointless next week there will be an event with new even more imbalanced heroes…
Me as as a (fresh) f2p don’t care anymore what I have is what will be leveled… Not going to chase anything anymore

In the bottom line your heroes will be outdated in a month and even if you got all the up to date heroes you still face a crappy board which make you loose to s1 heroes with new super talents


They gotta get that end of year squeeze out of us to make quotas! Look at all these new events and new heroes popping out in the next month. Simply outlandish.


Yet another update.
MULTIPLE updates now! Since being informed:

And this 5* Legendary card is still broken:


All chain attacks still rip through the entire team
Without a proper dodge…adjectives such as garbage and trash are spot on. S1 rare heroes have more value than Margaret.

So… if they don’t care about old cards maintaining any form of relevance.
Why would they care about any other card in anyone’s roster this time next year?


20 characters of :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


It will be odd if there is a range of CB within the legendary tier. But then this is unlikely to bother Zynga/SGG

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Still no fix for Erebus !! We haven’t a clue how to fix it so we’ll just add a bit of extra attack % ??? Really ???

I just updated the new release 53 and it seems like the heroes that we do select for different teams like fir example team 2, team 3 and on, don’t show up on the hero list except the defense team. This morning right before I updated the game was everything ok and this is the very first time I see this issue.
I kindly wanted to address this issue for the future of the game.
Thank you.


Go to roster settings.


Yeah was just coming in to comment on this.

An actual QoL change that is actually useful. I’m a little speechless.


It doesn’t work in war… :rage:

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Really? I haven’t used my war flags yet.

This is not good.

Thanks for the heads up.

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In war, it prioritizes your teams, then it applies the filter that is set when you open the roster window to assemble your attack team. Don’t think this view changed. There is no option to disable the “Prioritize teams” view.


It’s working only in main roster. Not working in war and raids :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Maybe we should add this as a request in #ideas-feature-requests section ?

Just cleared my war flags. No problem with roster line up.

It’s by teams first, as I opted.

Borosta wants to see his most powerful heroes first and not those which are under leveling.
If you uncheck priorizes teams, then they are still at the top when you prepare war teams.

This then depends on how player fills up their teams.

There’s a maximum of 15 teams.

Apart from Raid Defence team, assume Team 1, If players fills the other 14 teams with heroes being levelled, then Player would need to deselect Teams to push up the levelled heroes, sorted by power.